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[Game Update] - 418327

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Today's Testing Branch patch is small but we wanted to get the Door Ore and Critter delivery regressions out ASAP.

  • Duplicant age once again counts correctly.
    • As well, duplicant "printed" cycle is correct instead of decreased by one.
  • Doors no longer produce ore when they open.
  • Fix dupes dropping critters and eggs when attempting to fetch them
  • Updated Chinese strings

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@Ipsquiggle, Found another bug, and submitted a report. 

It's essentially the same issue as the Left-To-Right Liquid Flow Heat transfer bug, that you guys have been working on. I suspect whatever fix you guys find for that one will be able to rapidly fix this bug as well. I cross referenced the bugs, to make it easy to knock both off at once. Thanks for the awesome game.  Maybe I should sleep now....

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