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Wurt should have the "eat" prompt for meat foods.

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So Wigfrid and Warly despite being unable to eat certain foods still get the "eat" prompt for them, for Wigfrid it's vegetables and for Warly it is any non crockpot food. While they get the prompt to eat the food, attempting to do so results in them giving a disgusted face and refusing to do so.


So why isn't it the same for Wurt klei? I wanted to see her react to meat food in the same way Wigfrid does to vegetables, it's the reason why I love force feeding wigfrids vegetables! I love how Wigfrid is like "STANKY" When refusing vegetables and would love to see the same for Wurt!

Kinda boring that it's just "Examine" with wurt. :(

(Hopefully the gifs work! I'm never certain about those.)

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1 minute ago, QuartzBeam said:

For what it's worth, both Wigfrid and Warly are omnivores. They just choose not to eat certain foods.

Wurt, meanwhile, is an actual herbivore. She straight up cannot digest meat.

She still find meat stinky and gross, so, in logic, she could still have that animation when using the "eat" action on meat, not just have it replaced by "Examine".

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12 hours ago, Charlie Dark said:

They surely should do that for every character.. I'm sure you'd feel terrible if you ate your ancient guardian's horn by "accident" whilst trying to examine it.

Technically speaking they do; that's what happens when any character tries to eat an Eternal Fruitcake. Although to demonstrate that right now, you'd have to either find a server that's several months old, set a new one to Winter's Feast in worldgen or spawn the fruitcake in.

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