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Is RoT the 'Sanity-based Event'?

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I do hope that third "main event" should go right after Gorge events, so story will continue. But RoT events happening at the default Constant world, before Survivors use Ancient Gateway. Maybe First one goes exactly RoT, Forge and Gorge? Don`t know. Theories are more based on personal thoughts and less on facts 

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8 hours ago, Szczuku said:

Forge- health-based event

Gorge- hunger-based event

Return of Them. As far as we know They mess with your mind so maybe RoT is the Sanity-based event

What are your thoughts on this?

Event- being limited time content that goes away and so far has never came back- 

Facts- Xbox One never got Forge Event At ALL, and Gorge was so short pretty much everyone missed it as well.

Return of Them is Permanent new additional core game content. So it technically can’t ever be considered as an Event.

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I'm hoping it becomes an NPC based event without necessarily breaking the dark theme of DST. Considering the NPC breakthrough that is the Hermit Crab, Mumsy's and Billy's addition to the base game in some shape or form would be an excellent content and lore drop.

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