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so let's guess

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Today is so beautiful!We have a very huge update,In the new announcement, the next month ’s update will be a smaller one, but it ’s certainly equally interesting.

So let's guess what it will be? Maybe someone will guess part of the correct answer XD

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So far to me it feels like there’s been a noticeable pattern in the way they handle the updates, Character Refresh one month, Return Of them update the next. I do not know if that’s actually accurate though.

Personally I just enjoy whatever they give us each month & then eagerly await the next update afterwards. 

If I had to take a guess- May (my birth month by the way..) Will be another Character Refresh Which Character Refresh? I don’t know... and There’s too many for me to try and make a accurate prediction- But IF Klei is feeling generous they’ll port over Walani.

But not for Me or because its my birth month or anything >.> but realistically- Because The Sea is becoming more and more fleshed out with each Return Of Them Update, And Myself, Canis and plenty of others have been wanting her pretty much ever since WARLY was added to the game.

However if their Vignettes they keep adding to the game are any hint to go by- My money is on Maxwell, Why does he suddenly get new Vignettes? And why is his lovely assistant Charlie stalking everyone in some of the other newer Vignettes? It can’t just be pure coincidence can it?

But Ironically.. the thing I asked for most on these forums since boats had been added (a cool pirate looking boat themed mast) just happens to be the current loyalty reward drop. I love it, Love love LOVE IT! #Thanks Klei!  

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1 hour ago, Mike23Ua said:







haha,At least for now it seems that the update is regular.One game content update One character refresh,I ’m just like you, no matter what Klei updates every month, whether it ’s a refresh or a new character, a game content update, or an event.I like everything they bring is very interesting.

I guess there will be a notice for new characters next month.Or there is a character refresh in May?who knows ?I am very excited.It ’s your birthday next month, just treat it as a birthday gift. XD

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Im not really gonna make any guesses as to what's next until i hear what it will be called (Turn of tides, Salty Dog, ect.)

But what i AM hoping for in the future is either new boats.... or new fish / more uses for fish (ex trading to someone for more than just shell bells) Maybe for gems or empty bottles.

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