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I have to post this before I forget it.

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Ok so, every Winter's Feast the giants get a festive redesign right? Well with the introduction of the Crab King, I am 99.97% certain that he will get a Christmas Tree redesign. I'm even willing to bet that instead of gems, you need to put ornaments on him to start the fight too. Although......I could be wrong too....so what do you guys think? I should mention this is not a suggestion, merely just speculation.  


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I love the idea of a Christmas tree Crab King, but I don't know about socketing ornaments. Each gem has a different effect on the Crab King, so how would the ornaments line up with that? A neat idea I had is maybe you can fill the holes up with regular baubles, which all immediately crack/sink into the ocean and then you get a Crab King ornament, rather than having to kill him for it. I can't see it actually starting the fight at all, though, the gem mechanics just don't make that sound too likely.

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