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Hey Grifters!

You can now play through Rook's whole story. March straight to the heart of the Grout Bog and decide where your true loyalties lie.

   Q: How many people can YOU betray in a single playthrough? 


   A: Fewer than Rook.


...oh, and we also made this, a new Rook short:

And in case you missed it, here's Rook's previous short:


This update also incorporates a whole raft of general changes and fixes:




  • Fixing the crash when a user closes the deck screen while it's already fading out after a card upgrade/removal
  • audio: missing ambiences for crime scene, rise campsite and research tent. tweaks to deepbog and bogger hideout ambiences.
  • Changed Combination's anim to "double_stab" so that the number of hits is correct
  • Removed the Bogger from the possible Defs in side_competing_bids.lua
  • Add Incept keyword to Zesty Noodles.
  • Animate Composure floaters asynchronously.  Blockade, Brain padding, etc. will now apply all at once, greatly speeding up presentation.
  • Sketchy equipment damage reduced from 2 to 1 per stack
  • Trip no longer deals damage, only applies wound
  • Caprice now reduces the cost of the improvised card by 1 instead of setting it to 0
  • Tribute now more clearly describes who gets the new argument
  • Switch some bgs on the expedition to make more sense
  • Increased the cost of Carve from 1 to 2
  • Brain Gills is now 0 Action cost.
  • Kickback cost now scales with difficulty instead of being a fixed amount
  • Cards shown in negotiation tooltips now have a reference to the card engine for calculating bribe costs correctly
  • Adjusted the resolve scaling of Money Talks
  • Hiding the resolve indicator in battle and negotiation
  • Fixed issue where Shrooglets could get negative power 
  • Add a special faction option for bandit_rob_player.lua
  • Retune Grawkit belly flop to a precise damage table based on scaling.  It no longer is proportionally modified by current health.
  • make the admiralty_roadblock toll less, and let you get out of it if you're admiralty
  • fix some bad opinion events
  • Bottom Edge should only apply a damage bonus if min_damage < max_damage.
  • Gemini is now 3-5 to bring it in line with other dps-oriented Uncommon attacks.
  • Double Time is now 2-7.
  • Fix Cripple being displayed as a '34%' damage reduction (should show as 33%)
  • Fixed bug where Burn wouldn't correctly register if the coin was set to a specific side
  • Boosted Serrated Edge now boosts Cripple effectiveness to 50% 
  • Fix crash when dying due to fragile health if other grafts are yet to be applied.
  • Refresh MainOverlay in OnAdded, otherwise the top bar can have the wrong buttons (like exposing blasters while playing sal) .  This only seems to happen if you debug quickplay, because in the normal start run flow the slide show screen causes OnGainTop when it finishes fading out.
  • Tag the kashio fight as a boss fight so that the right music plays
  • Updating the game icon so it looks clearer
  • Make side_jake_escort fights self_defence
  • Fixed bug where Flekfis wouldn't use his junk attack if he had advantage in the fight
  • Force refresh location screen plax population when triggering a confront from the travel screen (so that people don't pop-in after the confront)
  • Added end slide vo for sal and rook
  • New windows icon!
  • Add handler call-in cards to most events in the expedition
  • Send the buyers to more interesting location sin rise_trade_secrets
  • Fix some odd opinion events and redundant clicks in side_thief_bounty.lua
  • Fixed bug where the Shroog would still do it's taunt if a shrooglet was killed while the shroog was stunned
  • Adjust rook's day difficulty ramp to [1 2 3 4] (from [1 2/3 4 5] )
  • Add a picnic to the middle of the expedition
  • Make the fight against the workers in the expedition isolated
  • Modify the last negotiation with your handler to be easier by 15 resolve
  • Convert escaped tabs in .po files to a raw \t character to fix some translation issues
  • Added upgrade/downgrade highlights to Setup
  • Visionary Setup now still grants 2 influence.
  • Added Prestige scaling to the Flead Queen
  • Added a Debuff flag to the Flead Queen's Sting attack
  • Balancing changes to make the Automech Boss easier and the Flead Queen slightly harder
  • Added a condition for the Automech that explains his burn attack
  • Updated the Day 2 experiment to include both day 2 bosses
  • Add Dilemma as a source parameter so it shows up in tooltips.
  • Remove all instances of a card from Dead Draw's tracking when playing it, otherwise partial cost reduction bonuses will continue to apply until next play.
  • Don't trigger Psimulacrum on hidden modifiers.  Don't think this happens in general atm, because most hidden modifiers don't have a source parameter when created.
  • Dead Draw now draws cards before gambling to match its description
  • Remove 'card' from Power description so it more accurately applies to NPCs.
  • Small bugfix for Dead Draw so it can reduce the cost of the same card multiple times
  • When location agents have quests, turn their nameplates yellow
  • Small adjustments to the Bog Boss to slightly increase difficulty
  • Mark will now trigger for attacks that cause the enemy to die or flee.
  • The Bog Burr Boss can no longer steal your last remaining cards
  • Excavator and Battle Plan will reuse the same target if possible when re-playing the card.
  • Add missing tooltips indicating disliked opinion when engaging in Intimidation negotiations
  • Nano Lattice / Portable Bunker added to a couple shops in Grout Bog.
  • Tiny Stingers are now 4-6 damage.
  • Fixed issue where Counter would get triggered incorrectly from cards that call in a secondary fighter to do a single attack
  • Targeting Core costs 0 and is now Uncommon.
  • Updated a plax bg used in Calibration Point
  • Slightly tuned down a global health modifier for NPCs.
  • Removed autodogs from the grawkit combat party in the final expedition.
  • Kalandra is less likely to use grenades
  • Reduce the max health and morale of Fellemo
  • Reduce the max health and damage of the Spark Baron Professional
  • Dialogue edits.
  • Fixed missing icon for Kalandra's boon caused by the graft being renamed
  • Irritable no longer triggers if the opponent has been defeated with the last card
  • Fix upgraded battle grafts not showing up in the UI in combat
  • Reduced damage on Kalandra's double slash
  • Fixed a bug where Glofriam's core argument could still be damaged by certain cards despite having its shield
  • Added partial Dutch translation
  • Hook up proper ending slides for Rook's story
  • Reduced the day health scale factor a bit. This will cause enemy NPC HP to ramp up a bit more slowly as the game progresses
  • Reduce bogger clobber damage and health class
  • Update Propaganda to use a hidden modifier to track swapped costs, instead of just assigning base card costs.  This allows it to override post-modifier costs by having a higher event priority.  So for example, using propaganda to zero a stem-penalized card now works.
  • Fix stem sometimes skipping cards for consideration. Fix stem not applying to 0-cost cards.
  • Clean up the transitions and titles for the expedition subquests
  • Fix infinite loop playing battle plan.  Battle Plan should only target self.  Battle Plan should remove itself after being triggered or end of turn.
  • fix soft-lock if you didn't go straight to the expedition
  • Reworked Spin to be less silly
  • Fix broken boon, which was causing the game to crash when you use items in a fight
  • Grawkit temper condition dictates when it will perform its belly flop.  It now also has power scaling when it invokes its thorny carapace, depending on the fight scale.
  • Sifting Coin now only applies 1 composure on Heads (down from 2)
  • Emissary Coin is now Uncommon instead of Rare
  • Chaos Coin is now Rare instead of Uncommon
  • Added more attacks to Kalandra and Fellemo's combat behaviour
  • Remove first-time restriction on Morale Boost. It also triggers each turn allies are surrendered.  It also now stacks.
  • Fix action_gain sound event not firing under certain conditions.
  • make the jake-in-need back you up in negotiation
  • Cards that say "When drawn" now use the DRAW_CARD event and are only triggered by card draw (not improvise and other such effects)
  • fixed a lot of typos
  • NEW Experiment: Rook's full finale! (The ending slides aren't done yet, and the dialog is all in PLACEHOLDERESE)
  • Also, you can continue straight rook's whole story your own deck.
  • Added a more descriptive tooltip when choosing a card for Memorization Implant
  • Fixed bug where the Spin modifier would crash the game if it expired
  • Tuned the Boggers to be slightly weaker
  • Fixing alignment on the coin draft screen
  • Making fight conditions stack up when past 6. Adjusting the Morale condition icon, so it aligns correctly with the other conditions
  • bog boss gets impatience stacks when articles of faith are destroyed
  • Fixed description of Lumin Bio-generator
  • Increased healing from Brain of the Bog 
  • Fixed the order of Heads and Snails on the Foresight argument
  • Fixed description of Abrupt Remark
  • Evasion no longer gets triggered when taking damage from non-attack sources
  • fix self defense tag in rook/shel fight
  • bog boss doesn't patronize places
  • location limit the confront at the start of the expedition
  • Fixed a bug on the options screen, where some gameplay settings would only show up on simplified mode, and not in regular mode


  • These changes were hotfixed about a week ago...
  • Rook is now an unlock - you get him by beating the first day of Sal's story
  • Fixing the card masking region, so that cards being dragged don't get clipped on the edges of screens 16:9 and wider
  • Fixed the description of Ipso Facto for consistency
  • Corrected description of Deflection of Clarity
  • Added damage preview for Slated Carapace when attacks wont deal damage. Also fixed description.
  • Added a PreReq highlight to Gash
  • Raised the name tag on Upgraded Erchins in combat so it doesn't overlap their model
  • The Overflow graft now triggers even if Concentration has eliminated the range of your attack. (as long as the base damage of the card is a range)
  • Distracted now attacks your resolve instead of ignoring composure
  • Adorable Erchin now has 3 max resolve and triggers every 2nd turn
  • Eccentricity now has 6 resolve, down from 8
  • Moved redundant "to your hand" from Caprice's description
  • Fixed incorrect description of scorched_earth_plus2
  • Fixed issue where Kashio would always attack before her holograms (in the damage previews)
  • Hilite action count label when gaining a new action.
  • Update the bog boss argument descriptions to better match the style guide
  • Pressure: now gains 3 bonus damage.  The twisted upgrade is changed to Boosted Pressure to emphasize the theme of the card.
  • Setting the coin or reversing it are no longer considered Gambling.  They do not trigger "When you Gamble.." effects.
  • Redesigned Spotty -- its niche is already occupied by Raw.
  • Clarify Diversion's descriptive text.
  • Update Whine's descriptive text to be more consistent.
  • Whine and Whine plus now stack correctly.
  • Spin will accrue gambles for cards that play twice (eg. Mirrored Grumble).
  • Fixed bug where Mark wouldn't be triggered by charge-spending attacks if played at fully charged.
  • Stinging Eyes description now states that it reduces end of turn.
  • Add clause for proper delta when SetResolve reduces max_resolve below resolve.  This fixes the 'Scandal' bane graft not applying properly within negotiation.
  • Bog priest Negotiation Changes:
  •     Clarified wording of all tooltips
  •     Lower overall resolve for articles of faith (with a random range)
  •     Card-gaining is done through separate bounty arguments that spawn when an article of faith is destroyed
  •     Bog thoughts do more damage, have less resolve, try to stack into 2 arguments, and degrade over time
  •     Peepers (eye turrets) Peepers have lower resolve, lower persuasion, max instance of 2
  •     Lower target resolve (45 -> 30) 
  •     No impatience
  •     Lower total composure from the heart argument, spread over fewer targets
  •     lower general damage from the boss, that only hits one target
  •     Adding an anim for the shielded argument
  • bog boss combat changes:
  •     Fixed bug with the Bog Rage condition
  •     Buffed all the Bog Boss combat cards
  •     Fixed bug where the Eye Stalks sometimes wouldn't get stunned when they should
  •     Grout Cysts with "Power Pollen" no longer apply the buff if they leave instead of being killed
  •     Added 3 buffs and debuffs for the Bogger Priest
  •     Added 3 debuffs for the Bog Boss
  •     Fixed bug where the Bog Boss was giving power and health to itself instead of only the burrs
  • Fixed bug where the Bog Boss' enrage buff wasn't being removed at the correct time
  • Fixed targeting on Foot Rationale
  • Replace Aggressive's mechanics with a simpler one.  The original design is moved to Reputation Preceding, because that card is more obscure and less easily obtained (need to draw into a murder card)
  • Fixed bug caused by enemies with Mark being hit by damage not from attacks 
  • Fixed bug where Do Over wasn't removing the correct amount of Dominance
  • Fix Level Orange Clearance not removing any intents.
  • nil-check splashed_modifier after broadcasting EVENT.SPLASH_RESOLVE; The Uncertainty modifier modifies it.
  • Added *very preliminary* Mod support
  • First-pass of a pre-fight negotiation with the bog boss
  • Added German, Arabic partial translations
  • The bog boss now gains its bonus health AFTER eating the Bogger Priest
  • Fixed timing on the "eyes of the bog" condition to prevent inaccurate damage previews
  • Slight balancing adjustments to the Bog Boss
  • Fixed bug where pre-existing eye stalks wouldn't gain the benefits of eyes of the bog 
  • Added power gain or healing on the Boss' taunts in addition to the defend he gains
  • If DealCard deals to your hand and fails (due to hand size limit), it will automatically transfer the card to discards.
  • Adjust wording on Brain Barrage to comply to guidelines (manipulate card -> Manipulate card)
  • Fix crash in new sal quest
  • Fixed crash when using drain resolve on a target that dies before you drain it's resolve (from graft and argument interactions)
  • Fix crash for Lean and Drain Resolve targetting core arguments with no resolve.
  • Aligning the text within the Reward widget tiles, so that it allows two lines of text in their descriptions
  • Fixing a bug where resizing the Fightscreen between different aspect-ratios, would break the alignment of the healthbars and the characters
  • Fixed bug where the intent of the bog boss wouldn't show sometimes when switching stages
  • Making Rook's charges in fights take up a whole row of condition icons, and placing the other conditions above them. This way it doesn't get too wide and go offscreen if he manages to get 5 or more conditions applied
  • Fixing the bug where role icons on plax agents weren't animating by default, they just started after hover
  • New Rook final boss experiment!
  • Competing Bids: Fix stuck state when failing negotiation with the target.  Add missing dialog when being betrayed by the other hunter.
  • Ice Cold: Add contact as a combat target so you can bribe bystanders to help.
  • Fix speaker while asking Nadan questions.
  • Fix typos
  • Fights entered in self-defense no longer give you aggressive cards.
  • Avoid moving dead attendee in 
  • Don't play chargeup sound when showing ChargeCell UI in the fighter popup.
  • Add a feature tooltip for Doubt.
  • Added a slight delay between Arint's taunt and her switching anim mappins so that they line up correctly
  • Removing parasites now uses DeltaMax rather than hand-rolling its clamp logic.  Prevent max health and health from going below 1.
  • Print when cards are upgraded/removed.
  • Activate go_to_hideout before dialog, so that {hiding_spot} gets cast and can be string-substituted.
  • Add support for Encounter:LocFormat to sub for non-Agent cast, like locations.
  • Fix attract state for side_competing_bids.
  • Aggressive battles show the aggressive battle card on the convo option tooltip.
  • Localize all usages of "owner" and "opponent" which occur when displaying a card or modifier without an owner.
  • Notify user when a fight option is aggressive



So what's next for Griftlands? You can check out our roadmap here. Our next update in in three weeks (May 7), and will focus on quality-of-life, tweaks, and fixes, and polish. With Rook done, it's time for us to start making Smith's story content, and we need a bit of a runway for that stuff before it will be made public.

Oh, and if you're curious about how ol' Smith will play, stay tuned for a special preview in the experimental build later today!


Thanks for playing! And a HUGE thanks for everyone who submits feedback in-game. We read every single one!





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Hmmm, many questions. Was that Cadwa, who is currently a clerk with the Admiralty? Many of the spree were wearing blue-green instead of the usual red, I wonder if that means something. They were also training vrocs, instead of yotes like in Sal’s campaign. Maybe this happened back in the Deltrean continent, where the vrocs are presumably from.

Also, announcer bot has definitely seen better days.

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21 minutes ago, pacovf said:

Hmmm, many questions. Was that Cadwa, who is currently a clerk with the Admiralty? Many of the spree were wearing blue-green instead of the usual red, I wonder if that means something. They were also training vrocs, instead of yotes like in Sal’s campaign. Maybe this happened back in the Deltrean continent, where the vrocs are presumably from.

Also, announcer bot has definitely seen better days.

Cadwa doesn't have prosthetic arms.

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