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Hey Grifters!

Our entire team is now working remotely! It took a couple of days to get everything set up properly, but it worked remarkably well.

This update adds a new side quest for sal and fixes various issues. We're mostly working on rook finale stuff behind the scenes right now, but you won't see that in experimental until after next week's update.

Have a good weekend. And please take care of yourselves out there! 

  • characters grunt at you when the "so and so hates you" screen shows up
  • New quest for sal: side_competing_bids.lua (has placeholder dialog)
  • Fix rare situation where Three Fingers won't make 2 people hate you.
  • Fix LargeButton continuing to be interactable even when animating out.  Specifically, the accept surrender button which can cause you to surrender multiple times.
  • Reworked the "Frisk" and "Flash Badge" cards
  • Fixed bug in experiment_rook_boss_bit.lua when repeating the quest 
  • Fix a bunch of typos

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That's not actually true. You do get 4 resolve for the frisk argument(scale with difficulty). Probably not intended.

I can now camp for like 8 and 9 turns to gain something like 80 at max, 60 at average amount of shills per negotiation(except negotiate for greater price or provoke). That seems very broken. Also, I have the graft that gives everything 2 composure and the new(?) one which gives +1 to composure gain, so that might have something to do with how much I gain.

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Huh. I remember the Hesh members end up attacking you simultaneously 5 times if you stall for way too long (like 3x Impatience?) instead of just constantly incepting Winds of Hesh arguments. Did they change the behavior?

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@Kevin Are players going to be able to hire Luminari through quests or mercenary, or by talking to them or finding their hideout?

Any plans to expand the party mechanics beyond taking in pets, so we can also hire more characters in Rook's campaign outside of rare quests?

How does the dev team feel about the limited mercenary camp in Sal's campaign? Are changes possible within your release time frame?

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8 hours ago, SpicyNiceCream said:


I have some sort of comic idea for this one. along the lines of

Sal:(Bursts into the Grog and Dog) "FREE DRINKS ON ME!"

Fssh: "where'd you get all this money?"

Sal: "from hesh's coffers themselves."

Fssh: "How'd ya fleece a priest for that much?"

Sal: "well that's why ive been out all day...in a cave...guy had quite a lot of shills for sitting in a cave praying."

Fssh: "didn't anwser my question."

Sal: " do you want the money or not?"

Fssh: "gotcha, 6 kegs of plonk coming right up."

i want this update to be remembered, if nothing else.


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