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Does the Rooslet skin drop again?

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6 hours ago, franco116 said:

This happens me yesterday

Pd. Bad English I'm very Mexican




19 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

Idc about this Rooster, I Want Wendy Lureplant Head & Creepy Cauldron.

I want Wigfrid Triumphant.

What I Had/Have:

  • Wolfgang T. 
  • Wicker T.
  • Woody T. 
  • Webber T.
  • Willow T. 

But sadly no Wigfrid....

5 hours ago, Kuba5565 said:

But @Mike23Ua is not.

I feel that. Being on console is kinda stinky.... Well, that's what we get for being filthy middle class.

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