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So I was thinking there sure is a lot of water around there should totally be a fishing system in this game you could make it out of logs and rope to make the rod. And maybe you could bait it in your equipped menu with different things, and maybe different things would be better for catching certain types of fish. And of course you could have a gold fishing rod that degraded slower?

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You will only be able to fish in the pounds in the swamps, so it will be slightly limited.

The small ponds in the swamp...? That seems odd in itself. Add in the fact that they appear more like tar pits and I can only wonder what type of fish live in them. To be honest I assumed those ponds were in fact pools of oil or tar that could be collected as a resource at some stage (maybe for non-firefly lanterns). I don't mind the graphic per say, but I hope it's changed to clearer water.

Maybe an introduction of actual lakes? A larger sized pond with blue water and no frogs. Not too big though.

I'm not sure about a lake... the islands don't seem large enough to support one with it becoming a "lake island". I mean, to get a proper-sized lake. Rather I would like to see a larger pond, maybe something 3-4x the size of the current black ponds. As for the frogs, I still find it odd that they're hostile... I mean... they're frogs. Is it trying to lick me to death?

I wonder if there will be a fishing mini-game? Probably not since all the best one's I've played used console controllers (the sticks) for the best way to simulate controlling the fishing rod. And I don't fancy fishing like it's done in Torchlight (I or II). Bleh.

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I'm not sure about a lake... the islands don't seem large enough to support one with it becoming a "lake island". I mean, to get a proper-sized lake.

Would you prefer a blue lagoon then?

Lol, fishing and fresh water could mean lots of things content wise. The Loch Ness Monster making an appearance wouldn't be a huge surprise considering the theme and art style. I highly doubt it will be like the torchlight fishing system, considering that everything else in this game, even just chopping wood, has some element of danger I don't think fishing will be any different. My concern is that while I'm trying to pull the fish out of the water what if something tries to pull me into the water?

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we will fish in ponds so dark we can't see the bottom, I absolutely expect terrible things to happen when I try to fish in these things!

Aw man.

Reading this reminded me of a "bug" in Final Fantasy Online. I was playing a Black Mage and I figured I could attack fish monsters by hitting them with fire spells from the safety of a bridge above the river. So I hit this one fish and it ignored me... it swims off down the river and out of my spell range... then swims up out of the river onto the river bank... and swims through the air back to me on the bridge, where it attacks me! :o

Bad memories...

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I didn't know where else to put this but I thought it'd be funny:

Those grave stones that we find through out the game, how hard would it to code one of them to read the number of days you survived the last time you played? it doesn't always have to generate every new game you start, but maybe every 3rd or 4th play through you MAY find a grave that reads --This many-- Days.

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