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  1. fishing in the swamps O.O but but but I hate the swamps!
  2. So I was thinking there sure is a lot of water around there should totally be a fishing system in this game you could make it out of logs and rope to make the rod. And maybe you could bait it in your equipped menu with different things, and maybe different things would be better for catching certain types of fish. And of course you could have a gold fishing rod that degraded slower?
  3. I guess there was a driver for my brothers comp after all he just updated to windows 8 recently, my apologize for waisting your time its working greatt
  4. Its defin not that I just tried it on my bros machine which is awesome and up to date and it gives me the same problem
  5. I was so excited to see there was a steam version so I got the key everything was good, put it into steam then put it in download it, everything was fine but when I try to play it says "Graphics initialization error" "Open GL v2.1 or greater is required to run this game pplease try updating your graphics drivers" I dont know what to do..
  6. first time Ive ever had this problem, but recently I was playing the first girl character you get (not sure if there are any more) and i was picking up gold with a bunch of empty slots but it would just disappear.