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  1. A new let's play for Don't Starve check it out!I haven't played this game since very early in the beta, so you get to see my reactions to all the new stuff!
  2. Kevin was talking about a major revamp of the whole RP system, possibly even doing away with it entirely in favor of a different style of unlocks that relies on building placeables, so it is difficult to speculate what will carry over between lives on the final build.
  3. Hat bug!

    wow good eyes noticing that one
  4. Thanks for the positive responses guys, unfortunately I've been more busy with schoolwork than I would like so it is taking a bit of time to finish this. I still plan on writing up the biomes before the next update though
  5. cant take objects behind the stones

    You can rotate the camera with the left and right arrow keys. Lots of people have this problem as the controls for the game aren't well documented in game, but here is a complete list of the current control scheme (as far as we know it). Some other helpful things to know up front if you don't want to read the whole thing: Shift click to examine and control click to drop just one object from a group. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?295-Guide-Controls-and-how-to-play
  6. Good Game, Suggestions

    Wow, that um, that sounds like a very different game.
  7. did not get my gift key

    Here is a thread from the admins on your issue: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?1277-Where-is-my-game-key-email
  8. Will trade 1 key for anything that sounds interesting. I prefer steam keys/indie games. No MMOs
  9. Let there be LIGHT!

    wow, you have totally put my camp to shame. I am very impressed at the level of pretty
  10. I just wanted to say I really like the new wallpaper they put up on the game's main page I almost never use video game wallpapers on my desktop, but this is totally an exception for me. I just want to reiterate something I've said before and that is I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME'S ART STYLE. Seriously the art here is the biggest selling point to me by far.
  11. Good Game, Suggestions

    You can sleep using the straw mat, fishing is incoming: most likely with the next update. I do wish the pumpkin lantern lasted forever though. Right now it is just an aesthetic change to the fireflies, and fireflies last forever. I think they are cool and would like to litter my camp with pumpkin lanterns, but alas they burn out after a time. I think I prefer this game's way of doing voices, it fits well with the overall style
  12. Exposure

    Right now a shelter should be buildable that would act as a kind of permanent straw mat I think. Sometimes you kind of finish everything you want to do at your camp in the night and it would be good to have a way to skip off to morning. As for an exposure bar, I think it could give a nice not just aesthetic, reason to wear hats.
  13. So word is weather affects will eventually make their way into the game, so I was wondering what kind of weather you guys would like to see on the island. Would you prefer just rain, and snow? Storms where lightning will sometimes randomly blast the ground nearby? Hailstorms from which you will need shelter or some kind of special hat to survive unless you spend the entire time running about dodging hailstones? Me personally I think a rain of frogs would be fitting. Oh sure at first it would be a blessing, everyone would be like "oh cool it's raining food" But watch out. Enough frogs get together in one area, all agitated from falling out of the sky, and you might be the one that croaks. What wacky weather do you guys wanna see?
  14. Graphics Blurred

    I'm pretty sure that means your power supply ran out of table salt. . . sorry I'm not being helpful, bad puns and chemistry jokes are all I can offer today.
  15. Nov 13 Build Preview

    yiffy: I think I would just prefer the ability to repair the current armor. As is it becomes hazardous to your health to wander about with log armor under 25% or so, and there really is nothing to do with it but throw it on the ground and make more. But I don't think improved armors are the answer because armor blocks damage completely. If it had too much durability it would be like God mode. This game doesn't have enough dangers right now after a certain point of research as is, especially with the effigy. I don't think adding more protection would necessarily be a good thing unless they are going to be bringing in much stronger baddies.
  16. Were pigs?

    It's why until the next update I am spending all my playing time mining and logging to build more and more pig houses all over the island until the entire place is full of piggies. Full moons are going to be a very fun time
  17. Slowdown Steam Version

    I have been experiencing a great deal of slowdown with the game. At first I thought the slowdown was just because of my computer, but when starting a new world I experience basically no slowdown at all for about the first 10 days. Afterwards the game slows down a great deal. The update/render times move too fast to say exact numbers but I would say that they stay around 40-60 when the slowdown starts. I have just checked my drivers and they are fully up to date. Here are my system specs. My computer isn't exactly a gaming computer, but it can handle most games pretty well as long as I scale everything down. AMD Dual Core Processor E-300 4GB DDR3 system memory integrated AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics Windows 7
  18. Farm suggestion

    Really I find it way faster to stock on meat killing piggies. Turn two or three of them and have them wipe out the rest of the village without getting your hands dirty if one dies then great more meat
  19. Suggestion!

    Would you prefer a blue lagoon then? Lol, fishing and fresh water could mean lots of things content wise. The Loch Ness Monster making an appearance wouldn't be a huge surprise considering the theme and art style. I highly doubt it will be like the torchlight fishing system, considering that everything else in this game, even just chopping wood, has some element of danger I don't think fishing will be any different. My concern is that while I'm trying to pull the fish out of the water what if something tries to pull me into the water?
  20. suggestion: journal

    mobius: I love the idea of the journal having/being player generated content. A game that has a popular system for this (though way more complex than would be needed in this game) is the Sims. Many sims players spend hours/days/weeks creating screenshots and doing in game story telling. All it would really require in this game is the ability to take in game screenshots and give them extended captions in a nice looking journal and players could create extended stories that they could share with others online. Reading like field notes/journal entries. It could be a great way to extend the games lifespan as well.
  21. Nov 13 Build Preview

    I am going to reserve judgement on the utility/fun factor of the new character abilities until after I get to play with them. From the descriptions though I think while Wilson's ability is obviously the most directly useful, wendy's and willows sound like the most fun to play with. Wendy will have Abigail to play with at night, which is ussually the less interesting part of the game for me, and Willow will SET EVERYTHING ON FIRE HAHAHAHAAHAHA BUUUUURRRRNNN. I don't know about Wolfgang. . .could be fun. Maybe he will also be able to lift boulders and hurl them at spiders. Never know until you try.
  22. suggestion: mod support

    lol I didn't mean for them to add mod support in beta. I meant it for the final product. As far as when they add the support after (or during) release I would certainly never say it was too early. The earlier that kind of community gets started often the stronger it grows after all. Of course I wouldn't want to use mods on my initial playthroughs of the final product, but it would be awesome if some good ones were available at about the time I became fully familiar with the vanilla content. This is awesome. I hope it is true My current character is attempting to create pigland. I am gathering massive amounts of wood and building pig houses everywhere. I am hoping to fill a fair percentage of the landscape with pighomes. If this works like I think it will then my island is going to be a very dangerous place sometimes I would love to have visiters when I am done.
  23. suggestion: journal

    I don't think you would need 10 entries per item for it to be worth it. One would be fine. Just a picture and a couple of comments not pages and pages of notes. 130 entries on the animals would be nuts. The cool thing about a journal is filling it out for the first time. You unlock some extra art and background. As for being repetitive I don't see why someone would want to try and fill the entire journal more than once, and like research points it would likely carry over between lives. A journal would also give all those crazy completionists out there something to do. Say the entire thing has 100 entries and they have 99 of them the completionist would be crazy motivated to find the one thing he has never found and stuff it in the research machine