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Thous 4 new characters... Theory and speculation

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Ok, so this though got to me random. First i was thinking about the events that we have (Forge and Gorge) and thous theories that there would be 4 of them and that they represent the Four Horsemen of Apocalypses. You know this folks:


And to me they look like:


That´s right i think that the 4 new characters are actually the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

So the first argument is of course that they are 4 and i will breaking all of them 1 by 1.

  1. Wortox. Wortox is a demon that literally needs to kill to survive, he relies in souls and every thing "living" hates him in the Constant. So he is probably War, and a bigger axent is in his skin, it´s red like Blood.
  2. Wormwood. Wormwood has no hart, he can not heal, just regenerate. And as Death that we don´t know about her and from were she comes he is literally from the "Moon". Look at him he looks exactly like a skeleton to me, no flesh just bones!
  3. Warly. My most favorite character, the culinarian. He is no doubt Famine. Cooking food without stop because hes always hungry (~20% faster hunger)
  4. Wurt. This one is the last The With Houseman. He was one that changed the description, somebody says he is the Antichrist, others that he is disease, others that she is the Lamb(god himself). But Wurt checks almost all of them perfectly and also solves her problem with having little Horns while the others merms don´t.
  •  If she is the Lamb. The Lamb also known as one of the titles of god is a small gout with LITTLE horns. In theory the god was one of the Housemen because of how he spreed the christian religion. That is the same way in the game, cause she literally spreads her religion and culture by building kings and cities.
  • If she is Antichrist. Well daemons have horns right? Also the civilization of the constant is currently pig men, and merfolks are their apposite.
  • If she is a disease spreader. This one is the most checking one, as we sow in the Gorge merms are pigs with big disease, transformed by the Gnaw.

So what does this mean? Well that´s only a theory, but if she is true... Then probably... Something horrible will happen! And do you know what? "They" are returning! I suspect that something horrible is happening during these series of updates, the Apocalypses. It already begun, undeath hounds, penguins from Hell, gigantic meteorite  folling! I think that something FISHY is going one.

But hey its just a Theory a Game theory, and cut.

Pls. forgive me if i gave wrong inf., also i was not intending to  harm en any shape way or form your personal Religion believe. Tell me what do you think, am i crazy, am i right?

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I don't think Klei is planning ahead much the new characters to have them represent some sort of theme. On the Dev cast stream where they showed off Wurt they were talking about how they came up with the character. They didn't talk about any sort of theme they had. They just had some random ideas of what they thought would be cool and worked from that.

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