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  1. The hunger icon is not displayed. Created a new world without mods, but there is no hunger
  2. Hi! I recently came across an interesting topic regarding RPG classes in the game But I decided to think and come up with a game mode. This is just a fantasy, you can join and complement these ideas. It's fun. I will say in advance, english is not my native language, I hope I write at least something intelligible, not a meaningless bunch of words This is a classic roguelike. 4 players take the classes and enter the dungeon, classic. Monsters, chests, traps, weapons, potions, armor. It looks like a Forge, but with a huge confusing floor map. In the dungeon there is a pig shop, rooms with traps, monsters and the like. But the challenge is to find a way to the next floor. Total floors 3 + lair of the dragon. But they are really big and saturated with enemies. (You can go in a group to make it safer or split up to find a way out faster). You ask, "Where to rush"? The fact is that the team has a common indicator of sanity, which constantly drops before you not moving to a new floor. When the mind goes down completely, nightmares will follow the players. More and more.A killed player cannot be resurrected only when moving to a new floor, all players restore health and are resurrected So what do all players have? Players have an indicator of life, an indicator of mana, an indicator of hunger, and a general indicator of sanity. With the indicator of health and sanity, everything is clear. What is a mana indicator? Each weapon has a special ability. And it spends mana, each weapon has a different amount. It's okay if this indicator drops to zero, it gradually recovers What about hunger? Yes, you have to eat in the dungeon too. Food, like coins, keys, weapons, drops from enemies and chests. No need to cook. By the way, everyone has their own inventory. In addition to the slot for weapons and armor, all players have 9 additional slots for coins, keys and other things (some things take up more space than one slot. For example turrets, some potions and scrolls, artifacts). So sometimes you either share or be greedy So maybe let one player carry all the keys and coins? As I said, the dungeon is huge. But on the map you don’t see each other. So if one finds a chest, he will have to explain where he is, because there is no key. Or you can go in a group, but again, not the fact that you will not be eaten by nightmares if you a long time look for exit I almost forgot, at the end you will have a battle with the dragon that will eat you ... or not Let's move on to the second part of this topic. These are the artwork that I drew. Classes and abilities are described here. Of course, everyone has a different amount of hunger, life, and mana. I did not bother with this
  3. Jack‎'‎s art

    I have not seen your art) Actually, I drew them because they are similar. Both are talking to a tool called Lucy/Lucille
  4. Hello. I drew a few arts for streams on twitch, now I decided to make a topic with my artworks, I will probably post something here. By the way, I apologize in advance for my English, if there are errors
  5. They also meant new skins, not characters. Blame t9