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Improvement for Cookie Crumbles

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As you may know DST 2019 winter feast brought with it new mobs, ginger pigs and ginger wargs.

They both with the new ginger pig houses drop new resources called Cookie Crumbles, but unfortunately their only use is food with 1 point of Hunger, that is pretty disappointing.

So i have a bunch of ideas to use these new crumbles:

  1. Using to make winter´s food: Using 4 cookie crumbles in the normal cookpot to get a random winter food such as chocolate milk OR use the new oven with a bunch of other questionable resources such as rot to make those Candies! That would give you the opportunity to decorate the trees with the decorations YOU want!
  2. Using them to befriend cookiecuters: it would be a unique mechanic that would allow the survivors to more safely gather salt in the new ocean ! After all they are both cookies. The effect would just make them neutral for 1 min or else, and to do it the player would have to put it in the new fishing rod, witch leads to...
  3. Using it as a bait in the fishing rod like berries or seeds. As the other two it would be an 1 use bait.
  4. Build the new ginger pig houses as decorations. It would require the Holiday Cheer, maybe some boards to make it more expensive.
  5. A weary abuse one. Make it a filler in cookpot, like ice. Maybe it could replace the potatoes in the nightmare of Warly.
  6. Make a new Warly spice with it, the bred crumbles. It would probably be a spice that would protect the player of over freezing or over heating.

I´m not an expert, maybe a few of these would be overpowered (especially the 2 last ones) but i really want to have them some potential, because for right now they don´t really are useful. Fell free to wright your opinions and  your ideas down bellow and most importunately have a good day!



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