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What is this art

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33 minutes ago, HeatAndRun said:

The left one is from Willow rework main menu screen art animation.

And the right one.. I'm also new to this one.. Is that an implication of upcoming Wes rework..?!

Oooh, I was thinking about that too. That'd be really interesting, although I don't wanna get my hopes up just yet.
Maybe something's gonna go down around Winter's Feast..?

29 minutes ago, Bluegeist said:

I just want to point out that that willow does look like the rework art, but it is not exactly the same. Same pose and expression, different drawing

I really love the purply tone to it though. I feel like it really fits the game. Kinda more than the whole white outline-y aesthetic imo.

27 minutes ago, Sunset Skye said:

Full artwork, snagged from the steam awards announcement:

Thank you! I love how clean it is, and the purple lighting is so pleasing. It feels kind of classic Don't Starve-ish. BTW speaking of art, I love your pfp
I wanna see the source of that but in DMs obvi

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