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A horrible night to have a curse, eh? (me woodie fanart! xD)

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Went on a bit of a spree recently indulging in drawing some Woodie fanart to celebrate his rework haha

Pretty short post but I'm really happy with how all o' these came out. Enjoy and feel free to leave any comments and thoughts!~ You can find more of my stuff on twitter under @smokinchips (but please don't if you don't wanna see nsfw stuffs or are under 18 bc I gave up managing 2 accounts! xo)

To start, here's a short story comic (to try/practice making comics haha) on how Woodie got his new forms / a bit of backstory speculation~

And next... A plucky Weregoose jumping ship from a doomed vessel to fight the towering tides of the storm alone - followed by last of all, a fierce Weremoose charging headfirst into piles of fiery leaves and pitiful little spiders!!



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Been a long while, but figured I'd post here on my old Woodie art thread you folks somehow found and reminded me of :)

Those first few pages of that comic I made back then aren't too bad! I should polish it up and redo the rest if I feel like it sometime eventually.


Give me happy artist brain chemicals if you're feeling kind here

Got some time off and felt like drawing some DST after playing with friends again recently! This definitely isn't pixel art, but using a pixel brush helps me focus more on shapes and colors - especially trying to ease back into art again.

Wanted to doodle my new main (did start out as Woodie before switching lol) and a trip to the ruins I had with two friends recently. Imagine hordes of monkeys & depth worms omitted for clarity and my sanity at 3am lol

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30 minutes ago, minespatch said:

I love how Maxwell has pretentious sparkles around his smug face. While Wortox on the right is adorable. He has hamster cheeks.

Haha, that's supposed to be health sparkles from Wortox healing him while he limps scowling on the shoulder of a shadow miner!

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