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So we know Klei will give all characters a refresh,with changes or new abilities for them.
I have a idea on how WX-78 can become alot more dynamic then he already is. WX-78 is at no means in the need of a refresh soon,but might as well post suggestions sooner then later.

 Water Damage Changed:
WX-78 will when wet will take -0.08 to 0.8 when wet and 1 when in rain every 3-5 seconds.

Rust Debuff 
If WX-78 is above 50% wetness he will start to rust,Rust causes WX-78 to take 20-50% extra Damage and do 10-30% less damage scaling depending on wetness. WX-78 can get rid of rust by drying to below 50% wetness. Rust applies to his water damage as well.

Leaky Casing (thanks to Thtexasturtle for this idea)
WX-78 will die instantly if he falls in water at sea (this does not apply to using the plank)

WX-78 hates eggs (thanks again to Thtexasturtle for this idea)
WX-78 will lose 10 sanity for eating eggs cooked or raw,this does not extend to crockpotmeals.
Modular upgrades
WX-78s upgrade gear system will be replaced with a modular system. (dont worry stat increases are still a option)
WX-78 now has new recipes in his science tab called modulars
WX-78 can have up to 3 modules on at a time.
WX-78 can remove his modules using a hammer on himself,WX-78 will lose 50% HP when doing this.
WX-78 will also lose all of his modules on death,50% of gears used for modules are dropped on death.
Here are examples on what modules could be!

Stat Modules

HP Module (2 gears,1telltale heart ) : increases WX-78s HP By 75,can be stacked 3 times,each stack still counts as one module 
Sanity Module (2 gears,4nightmarefuel): increases WX-78s Sanity By 50,can be stacked 3 times,each stack still counts as one module
Hunger Module(2 gears,1meatystew): increases WX-78s Hunger by 20,can be stacked 3 times,each stack still counts as one module
Behavior modules
Clockwork inhibitor module(2 gears,2purple gems): Clockworks are now netural towards WX-78,WX-78 can ally Clockworks with gears,WX-78 cannot ally damaged clockworks

 Biofuel converter module(3 gears,1 bucket o poop):WX-78 can now eat monster meat without penalty,WX-78 can eat twigs,grass,poop and rot for 5 hunger.
WX-78 is now effected by spoilage when he has this module.

Exhaust pipes module(2 gears,1blue gem): WX-78 will cool off from overheating 50% faster,if WX-78 is on fire and does not extinguish after 3 seconds himself he will smoke up and fall asleep for 10 seconds.
Overcharge modules

Occular Spotlights module(4 gears,1 iridescent gem):when WX-78 is overcharged he will be granted the night vison effect.
WX-78 will lose his aoe light if this module is applied
(WX-78 eyes and mouth will glow during this)

High Voltage module(4 gears,2electricaldoodads):WX-78 has a 10% chance to shock melee attackers,this chance is tripled if overcharged

Advance Battery module(4 gears,1 green gem): When WX-78 overcharge is about to be over he will use hunger to prolong the overcharge (5 food per second) once WX-78 is starving his overcharge will stop.

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Mike23Ua    1,476

I just thought him being a robot (and how Woodie is now the master of shape shifting) that WX should change in the way he looks and gain new abilities the more gears, wires, electrical doodads he eats, I’m talking HUGE drastic changes in both appearance AND his Abilities-

Think of it as sort of Upgrading to a brand new Robot Model.. because at this point- no matter how many gears WX eats our dang vacuum cleaners are going to be more advanced robot technology.

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Mooagain    1,771

Really good concept, all of the abilities are balanced perfectly. 

The only thing I would change is that 10 hunger for a grass or twig is a bit much, maybe bump it down to 2-5?

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Slagger    280

He should starts with one buttoned remote control. When he use it the modules should get activated. Example if you using module you should get negative things. With the button he should able to turn normal wx.

Using spotlight module make your hunger drain extremely fast because you need energy to burning things.

Using light armor module make around glitchy and hard to see well because chains close your eyes.

Using tank module makes you slow because your heavy armor close even your knees.

Using battery makes you power saving mode and this make you too weak to killing even a rabbit because it's power saving mode

Using temperature module make him able to flame trees or farms because he is hot!

Using electric module make your max health to 50 and the rain is deadly because it's dangerous to using high voltage

Using biofuel module drains your sanity because they are disgusting

Using clockwork modules make you enemy for all passive entities. (Buffalos, pigs, rabbits) because they hates clockworks

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