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  1. The Moon Callers Horn is crafted by obtaining by using 1 beefalo horn,1 iridescent gem,10 nightmare fuel in the magic tab The Moon Callers Horn can be used by the player to give the user and nearby allies 25% dmg increase for 5 minutes,the Horn has 6 uses and during full moons the dmg and time is doubled. I know there is a mod that makes the beefalo horn buff dmg,but the Moon Callers Horn idea is a more balanced version since it is much harder to obtain.
  2. If you have been keeping up to date with news you would have seen there is gonna be alot of content for DST in 2019,so just wait.
  3. Yeah Im WX main and as much as WX a very strong character,lighting strikes have no downsides,maybe they could add a chance for lighting to hurt you so at least you are taking a risk, and for gears they should add a more dynamic upgrade system such as having 5 choices,movespeed,dmg increase,health,sanity,food meters and only 15 gears can be used as points to upgrade those stats across example 5 points into dmg 5 points into health 5 points into movespeed to act as a combat wx or switch the upgrades around for a more adaptable clockwork robot and being hit with hammer makes you drop 1 gear each hit. this upgrade system may be a little complex for DST but since every character is getting new content i dont see this being impossible.
  4. So some of the bosses in DST aren't really worth the trouble to kill,i think all the bosses have a good dmg and health balance besides one (ill get to that). Im just gonna put each boss and what i think should be fixed for reward wise and balance wise. Deerclops A very well balanced boss with a great reward,the eyebrella is one of the best hats in the game,and the turrent is very good but is hard to craft. overall no changes are needed for deerclops and his feast variant is a welcome addition MooseGoose This boss is well balanced in terms with dmg and health. the rewards are not worth the trouble,the fan is really unnecessary for summer and the weatherpain breaks too fast. Even though this boss spawns more than 1 during spring and has its babies,there should be another use for feathers. I cant really think of another use for feathers but im sure one of you could see one. DragonFly The dragonfly's rewards are some of the best however the fight is very boring and i think this boss just needs some adjustments to dmg and range since most players cheese this fight. Bearger my favorite of the giants this guy is a good fight. his hibernation vest is the best winter vest in the game,but the insulation pack is complete garbage. The insulation pack either needs a reduce in cost,or a buff, for the buff part i would suggest making this thing act like icebox for thermal stones and ice as well as making any dry items put in the bag stay dry regardless of the players wetness. Queen bee Jelly beans and bundle wraps are a very strong reward and well worth the fight,another use for royal jelly i came up with is here if you would like to check it out! Antlion A good fight with a good reward. no complaints about the Antlion! Ancient FuelWeaver,cave,forest this boss is costly to spawn and is currently considered the final boss for most,what do you get for it? Really strong armor pieces that have the durability of paper. This boss is just a long con,not really worth the resources,couldn't really think of anything reward wise to be worth anything so any suggestions? And the forest and cave variant are no better,the forest and cave arent a boss but no real rewards for spawning it. Shadow pieces This boss is more of a horde fight and is only really used for the resource used to spawn the ancient fuelweaver,forest,cave creatures. overall just another part of the long con of ancient fuelweaver. Klaus One of the best structured bosses in the game,its a great fight with even better rewards. overall no complaints! Ancient guardian This boss is really more of a mini boss but it is just a boring reskin of the clockwork rook,this mob just needs a overall redesign IMO. Spider Queen The spider queen hat sucks,nothing wrong with the fight since its more of a miniboss/horde boss,but its better to leave them be unless you need silk or to kill another boss THE BIG ONE TOADSTOOL/MISERY TOADSTOOL This boss by far has the worst rewards for your effort and on top of that most of the rewards aren't guaranteed. First regular toadstool has nothing wrong with its hp/dmg vaules but the rewards are garbage. Funcaps main function is to reduce your hunger,but if your ready to fight toadstool hunger shouldn't be issue,same with the lamps,like who needs a light source when they are already at the point of fighting toadstool? Id suggest making toadstool respawn mandrakes in the world 1-3 days after killed finally making mandrakes a renewable resource and giving funcaps 80% wetness resistance and lamps as a permanent light unless turned off or destroyed (also make lamps brighter underground than on surface. MISERY TOADSTOOL This variant is a joke right? this boss has 99999 and only gives you one new item compared to regular toadstool as well as one extra funcap blueprint. whats the item? sleepbombs! this items is really strong no doubt,but you need 1 shroomskin for every 4. this should be buffed to 6 or 8 and the hp should be reduced to around 80000. the final reward for misery toadstool could be MISERYCAPS,Miserycaps can be farmed using the mushroom farm and can be used for deadly poison weapons such as spears,traps,darts,staffs! poison deals more dmg the less hp a target has. Bug and Frog type creatures (Merms,Frogs,Toadstools,misery Toadstool),(spiders,mosquito,dragonfly) are immune to poison dmg So these are my suggestions and thoughts are the current bosses in DST,Hopefully you can think of some suggestions yourself and find this interesting. Cheers
  5. I personally think royal jelly is quite underused in terms of recipes. Jellybeans are awesome but its the only thing you can make with royal jelly. So i have a idea on another use for royal jelly. Since there is no coffee in DST perhaps players could put royal jelly and volt goat milk to make some sort of drink that can act like coffee. it can be a bit annoying to travel in DST since the worlds can be quite large and switching world to small or medium can hindrance the playthrough. This also makes another reason to fight queen bee since she is one of the harder bosses in DST.