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Brago-sama    1,025

Yeah I have a test before I even let anyone out of my prison at spawn.

They have to type hello. Sounds silly but so many are silent, don't read what you write, ignore you and just are uncooperative in general. That and I've noticed all those burny people usually never type anything, so I figured this helps.

I never let more then 1 person in unless they got mics/I know them. My worlds up to day 2000 and I'd rather not let it all burn up. (I backup my save anyhow bit it's still a pain in the rear to have to do that)

A rating system would really help a lot. 


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   Thanks for showing LadySelang and I your base and letting us ride your Beefalo (cant remember his name) yesterday. 

Did you cull some of the Geckos like I suggested to help with the lag ? 




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LaCathy    38

@DirtyVersion  No problem!:wilson_flower:

Thx for joining & respecting my base.:wilson_love: I killed some of them & I’m trying to migrate the others away from my home. I’m hoping that will help but if not...... :devilish:

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