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  1. Where did the redeem code go PS4

    Honestly, same here, I mean ill buy a Wigfrid popfigure but thats it lol
  2. Where did the redeem code go PS4

    I hope klei gives ps4 their own shop to buy these skins so we arent left out like a fat kid. I'll gladly spend cash to support my favorite game for skins.
  3. Where did the redeem code go PS4

    I'm hoping they just give the option to buy these items with cash value for ps4 cause honestly it sucks to be left out.
  4. Where did the redeem code go PS4

    Im also curious, if I have a redeem code that does not say anything about "not intended for ps4" and clearly states to use it on either ps4 or pc.. Am I not to still receive item?? How do you plan to deal with these said items?? Just a shrug and move on? I'm very upset. As I would not have spent the money had a know you were planning to removed redeem code option. I really hope you plan to help out your console fan base.
  5. Where did the redeem code go PS4

    This definitely gave me a heavy heart. I hope i can redeem these codes on ps4 within the year...
  6. Where did the redeem code go PS4

    I'm hopeful for a quick fix asap I want the skins I got lol
  7. Recently bought an item and it came with a code but after update the redeem code option is gone..