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  1. So when I can continue play new content ? When I can finally place Incomplete Experiment? There is nothing to do in game for me ,except playing only new content (which is not even comes very often) anyways I wrote at bug tracker link and it seems many people have same problem, so I just want to know when it be fix ?
  2. Well I can’t place Incomplete Experiment... maybe there is not enough space but who knows that ?? How I should know what distance all altars should be ?? World is more than 2800 days , till u not fix it I can’t play game
  3. We will continue improving console support as best we can through 2020. Hmm not sounds so good . Hope they will continue improving console support for more than 2020 , coz I’m not gonna buy a pc just for dst . In just a one year I brought in dst on ps4 12 friends which is just addicted for this game on ps4
  4. Awesome , but now I’m getting only 2 gold nuggets when I’m wining instead of 5 as It was before ...
  5. after last update the miner's hat holds the light only for one winter night. winter hat, thermal stone also breaks very quickly .. it’s very irritating can’t play and enjoy . Just a couple days before all was perfect. It’s a bug ?? Or now it’s always will be like this ? Ps4