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  1. Pretty good ideas overall but this. You just took away a reason to raise a random player, why would I pay 20 sanity to help a random with something I didn't even make and honestly I don't even see any reason it would have any bad effect with that much material cost considering that the goal here is to help new player not having to deal with booster shot.
  2. Woodie rework update on consol

    Greatly appreciated, thank you. Ps I'm getting the skin !
  3. Alright so I'm making this topic to thanks Klei for their hard work, I love this game and I will show some support by buying the skin hopefully more people will do the same. I know this last week has probably been very hard for Klei , since the Woodie update came a lot of people are unhappy, some are angry and some are just plain rude and arrogant that think they can do a better job or something? For my part I'm mostly happy, I think dst is great game, I can enjoyed alone or with friends. One more thing, this is my opinion. Klei is a company, a company primary goal is to make money, making the game not as core and hard as possible definitely attract more people. More people equal more money. I think What Klei is doing is pretty smart. Trying to please a small portion of fan base because they claim to be "veteran" and lose the bigger portion fan base is not very productive, to me is just common sens. Be happy and show some support if you love the game. Thank you again Klei keep up the hardwork! Loved the fast PS4 update !
  4. Woodie rework update on consol

    Thank you for the respond my kind sir and thanks for the hard work!
  5. WereMoose Discussion Thread

    You are right tc Woodie should be killing spiders and butterflies and Moose should kill bosses the way it is right now make little sens to me. Make the idol more costly (6 living log 10 monster meats.) and make him stronger. No point having a fighter transformation to kill spiders when woodie or even wes can even do that. No point in making a fighting transfomation if Woodie is actually stronger then moose.
  6. Just play with wes or wilson if you like weak character other people like to have fun. Whatever we do in our world or our time is not suppose to affect other peoples.
  7. Woodie rework update on consol

    Weregoose can now walk on water. (Be warned that Woodie will drown immediately if he reverts to human form over water). Minor increase to Werebeaver’s digging and mining strength. Increased Weremoose’s damage reduction to 90%. All of Woodie’s were-forms can now last up to half a day. Increased the grace period between actions before Were-meter starts speeding up. Reduced food stat penalties for Woodie’s consumable Idols (now equivalent to eating a single Monster Meat). Further reduced sanity drain while in were-form. Fixed Woodie’s missing mullet when chopping.
  8. I just don't understand why Woodie is just "not bad" While other characters are awesome with due respect. I think Moose idol should be more expensive for a buff in strength that equal to at least a dark sword for late game cause I don't see the point in having base Woodie stronger then were-moose. Make it 6 living log 3 monsters meat if must, the after effect don't bother me. Ill even go a far as saying considering the awesomeness of the moose transformation he should be able to kill bosses with a adequate preparation.

    Rating idea would be cool. What I usually write Adults+mics only on title if they come without a mic on that mean they can't even read properly and that's a auto-ban. I usually don't play with people without mics cause you can tell what kind of people they are when they start talking and you can't never tell what a person without mics is going to do or is think If you play this game seriously, you probably better off playing with adults anyway.
  10. Turn of Tides - Release Date (PS4)

    Its coming with the woodie update Console Update: We have everything ready and we're preparing for console players to receive Woodie next week, but in addition you will also be getting Return of Them: Turn of Tides content as well! This has not gone all the way through certification yet, so it's possible it could be off a day or two, but at this time we don't expect any delays.
  11. World creation settings.

    You know, I'm a pretty chill guy, I try not to bother with people as much as possible, you know just living my life but after reading this really this, I must say I really got pissed. First of all, you talk like you are THE god of this game, you are looking down on people that are not as good. You talk like this game is suppose to be a real challenge, it is THAT hard to play with wild fire and disease on that you allow yourself to go around ( in other peoples world in a forum) to look down on them ? Are you really have that much self righteous . Obviously, based on the game allowing you to change settings, it is on YOU to take up the challenge or not, each people play the game differently that is why they allow to change the setting to make the game easier. Jeez 80% of the people can't even survive through winter and you come here to look down on people. Either you chose to take up the challenge or not is on you, not anyone else, people can play the game the way they want. Whatever happen in my kitchen is my problem or are you have something to say there too ? "Or fuel weaver with houndious shootious. You’re literally taking all the fun out of fighting" Fun fighting ? Whats so fun about fighting ? Some people just want the loot? Can people play the way they want without being judge ? That guy is pretty smart if you ask me. You say you are not try to dictate how people play then why bother writing something that clearly is trying to make people feel bad about them. You enjoy straight up fight, should the whole world be like you ?I didn't think I had to point this out but people Do like different stuff. I'm glad I'm not half as good as you cause I 'd probably feel ****ty going around other peoples world to look down on them. Talking about challenge , you don't have to answer but have you ever use to roll back feature and any of your many 1000+ days worlds to save your base, you life or for any other reason ? If yes then not so challenging the game is right ? If no then Ill apologize to the god that you are. Ps Please do us a favor and stay out of our worlds, last thing I want is some god walking around in my world, mister I'm better then you because I play wildfire and disease.