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Potential for wes's short

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Seeing that the devs are trying different techniques with the shorts, people are assuming that Wes was at the "Exposition Universelle et internationale" de 1910. To quote @GentlemanFridge


What makes me think this could be related to Wes, comes forth from 2 things mentioned on the wikipedia page about the convention.

During the event, there was a major art exhibit where famous artists' works were displayed. During the event, painters were also allowed to participate. We only know of one character who's done painting. That being Wes, or more specifically, his Verdant skin.

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And, that's not all. The convention was in 1910, as the flyer states, which fits into the timelime of the 'other' characters being taken into the 'Constant'. However, there's even more; According to the wikipedia page of the event, there was a big fire which "gutted several pavilions". This, to me, doesn't seem to be a coincidence. We already know Winona and who we assume is Wagstaff were taken during a fire, Wickerbottom was presumably taken during a fire, and chances are the "San Francisco Fire" in 1906 was when Charlie and Maxwell were taken.

If I could suggest anything, I'd love to see his short being based after the art of Telouse Le Trec. I'll add this video as a idea of something that the short could look like.


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If I recall correctly, Waxwell’s quote on “trapped” Wes is that he annoyed or mocked him or something like that. While that may also refer to something that happened in the Constant, it could also be something that at the Exposition. Whatever that may be, no idea.

Maybe Wes made a Picasso like painting of Maxwell (who has very ‘picasso-able’ features, upon which Maxwell tricked Wes into becoming “the best mime in the world” or something like that and instead trapped him in the Constant, forever mute.

Scary stuff, that.

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2 hours ago, Frashaw27 said:

I would rather see what he did to make maxwell so mad or how he literaly doesn't have vocal cords.

I suspect he cant talk because of what happens when you enter the constant from another world. 


Bernie: Willow imagined that Bernie actually could defend her but it was just scaring the shadow creature. Constant made Bernie strong because Willow believed it. 


Wilson's beard: Wilson thought his beard grew fast, so when he entered The Constand it actually made it grow fast. 

Wes being a mime he thinks he shouldnt talk as mime, which made him unable to talk in The Constant. Woodie might believe he would turn into a Werebeaver because he might have been bitten by a beaver. 


(Guesses but makes sense when looking at things) 

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