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Asteroid/planet generation mechanics

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The exact mechanics are as follows (unless I got something wrong):

  • Pre-generate guaranteed planets
  • Every possible distance gets 3 "tickets". That is, every "ring" gets 3 chances at planets. This doesn't depend on number of possible planet types within the "ring", except then it's 0, then it doesn't get any.
  • 15-25 (uniformly distributed number) of those "tickets" are drawn. None can be drawn more than once, but note that each ring has 3 tickets.
  • For every ticket, a planet is created on the corresponding distance/ring.
  • Planet types are rolled completely independently. That is, you technically can get 3 wolframite planets on one ring and another 3 on other.

Here's a list of possible random planets at each distance:


1 : zomg none!
2 : OilyAsteroid
3 : Satellite
4 : Satellite, RockyAsteroid, CarbonaceousAsteroid, ForestPlanet
5 : MetallicAsteroid, RockyAsteroid, CarbonaceousAsteroid, SaltDwarf
6 : MetallicAsteroid, RockyAsteroid, CarbonaceousAsteroid, IcyDwarf, OrganicDwarf
7 : IcyDwarf, OrganicDwarf, DustyMoon, ChlorinePlanet, RedDwarf
8 : DustyMoon, TerraPlanet, VolcanoPlanet
9 : TerraPlanet, GasGiant, IceGiant, RustPlanet
10: GasGiant, IceGiant, HydrogenGiant
11: RustPlanet, VolcanoPlanet, RockyAsteroid, TerraPlanet, MetallicAsteroid
12: ShinyPlanet, MetallicAsteroid, RockyAsteroid
13: GoldAsteroid, OrganicDwarf, ForestPlanet, ChlorinePlanet
14: IcyDwarf, MetallicAsteroid, DustyMoon, VolcanoPlanet, IceGiant
15: ShinyPlanet, RedDwarf, RockyAsteroid, GasGiant
16: HydrogenGiant, ForestPlanet, OilyAsteroid
17: GoldAsteroid, SaltDwarf, TerraPlanet, VolcanoPlanet

Guaranteed planets at each distance:


1 : CarbonaceousAsteroid, CarbonaceousAsteroid
2 : MetallicAsteroid
3 : RockyAsteroid
4 : IcyDwarf
5 : OrganicDwarf, Earth
18: Wormhole


  • You get 21-31 planets in total, not counting Earth and wormhole
  • Each ring of planets can have 0 to 3 planets, except for first 5 rings, which have some guaranteed planets
  • Most of them will be useless, but you get a ~10% chance of getting each of: wolframite planet, hydrogen helium niobium giant, gold fullerene asteroid
  • If a planet is too far to be worth mining but could be profitable if it was closer, you aren't just unlucky, they are all like that. Only rare resources are worth mining.
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I feel like they add a bunch of planets to make sure there was no complaints about certain map types missing a material, but never addressed the issue that you really only need to go to a few close planets for some space materials for supercoolant, thermium etc but after that, there is no real benefit to space, at all.

(and arguably, the only reason you need the materials is to make rockets that go further with no reason to go further)

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It'd be cool if there were more rare, valuable resources to be found in space. Something that's actually needed/helpful/desirable. Rare beautiful plants, some fruit seed for a fancy dish, a glimmering material for creating visibly special decor items, something funky out of which we could build better tiles (decor+speed+visuals), some plant/critter that produces new material to make clothes of to upgrade Snazzy Suits to idk, Dapper Suits that look cool and alien. There's a ton of potential to expand on it using the mechanics pretty much present in game :)

The game has a distinct lack of cat presence, wouldn't mind finding some rare, everlasting (much like dupes) cat to be the colony's pet :D It should be a weird cat, obviously. Like a tentacle cat. Or a cat with Shrek ears.

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