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[Game Update] - 359861

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A new animation (related to Skin spools?) got added:

Bolt of Cloth


bolt_of_cloth.gif.1099a7002b4406ba084f688a2e603ca1.gif bolt_of_cloth_use.gif.1b2460d262d2b22862af48958ed74926.gif


As well, here is the new loyal item:

Roseate Sail


mast_rose_down.png.cc2e0de1469da8af34908e52ad196d08.png mast_rose_side.png.a85ba8dc6951f62af53faab4482aa5a5.png mast_rose_up.png.ee7ecc8a0018b06d0112c39c9f62d27b.png


And, finally, the Steam promo image for the update:  



EDIT:  Also, here is the new chest that's associated with the new Bolt of Cloth console currency:

Bolt Chest



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