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Heya Grifters!

The Day of the Drusk is here! You never know what might be lurking in the hold of a ship from the Roalach.

The latest update for Griftlands adds a new boss fight, new context-specific negotiations, new draft cards, new events, new grafts, and more.

Big thanks to everyone who helped us test all of this stuff on the experimental builds these past two weeks!

A new round of experimental testing will start on the 12th. The next update is coming out on August 22.

Happy Grifting!

Patch Notes

  • Added hated provocation conversation - You can provoke (non-quest-involved) people to attack you by insulting them a lot, and then you can murder them without anyone caring.
  • You lose all of your pets and mercs if you run away from a fight.
  • Ease up on intimidate : it gives 3 stacks, and is REPLENISH.
  • Nerf yote spitter health slightly.
  • Yotes continue to bristle, but after the first one they only get a small amoutn of defend instead of Power.
  • Spitters rotate between slaver, spit, and acid so they don't just constantly pump damage.
  • Nerf acid spit damage slightly.
  • wretched_strike is better implemented via EVENT.DRAW_CARD so it doesn't proc on Improvise, echo_strike, etc.
  • Refresh deck_stats after upgrading, since the number of upgrades changes.
  • Fix for double day 3 job bug: cancel the handler job that you don't pick.
  • Fixed bug where freighter_plus overwrote the MELEE card flag from the base card.
  • Fixed bug where you would have to fight the assassin twice if you picked Three Fingers as your graft reward under certain circumstances.
  • Added new fullscreen presentation for relationship boons/banes.
  • Added an option to buy noodle cards at the noodle shop. Purchasable once a day.
  • Added a new random encounter with a specifically written NPC (brave_merchant).
  • Added colourblind-mode option that changes card colours based on three different types of colour-blindness.
  • Adjusted card art for improved readability.
  • Added a new random event foraging_chemist and the warp_vial item card associated with the encounter.
  • Adjusted the card insert limits and damage values in the drusk fight - it's easier on prestige 0 now, and harder in higher prestige.
  • Added custom max_xp to specialty, size_up and reversal.
  • Add code to keep negotiation wheels on-screen horizontally, even when the characters do wacky animations.
  • Adjusted the damage on the CHASER argument that the bartenders have so it scales less aggressively with difficulty.
  • Added a "back off" option to side_bounty_hunt.
  • Changed OPINION_EVENT.ATTACKED to use OPINION_DOWN instead of BAD (which bottoms out at disliked). 
  • Fixed focused cynotrainer sometimes not upgrading a card.
  • Fixed bug where you would meet the vendor again in handler_spree_shake_down even if you didn't buy their fake.
  • Changed spines to use its stacks to indicate how much Counter will be gained.
  • Run the erosion delay in a coroutine so it doesn't block if multiple cards are animated at once (eg. when adding execute cards).
  • Added a prestige indicator to the fight/negotiation screens.
  • Added three new common battle grafts.
  • Added flavour text to sal's starting cards.
  • Foreman support gives you an opening action instead of plain damage.
  • Added lens flares to the Prestige screen.
  • Adding custom icons/colours to each fight preview.
  • Updated the card widget art to make the text more readable.
  • Added erosion anim for expended cards.
  • Negotiation tweaks to Airtight, Appeal to Reason, Build Rapport and Calling in All Favors
  • Elucidate is "Duplicate argument at random", Focused Elucidate is a targetted argument.  
  • White lie is: Add a copy of this card to your discards. When drawn, incept Doubt 1.
  • Doubt is straight-up X damage instead of 1-X, cause it was quite feeble.
  • Fix for Discord displaying the wrong name (Loading... instead of Griftlands).
  • Fixed this complaint: "PLEASE make this an option! Anyone with two monitors will greatly appreciate being able to click on other applications without the game minimising!"
  • Fixed pale bounty hunter cost.
  • Testing out some tweaks to intimidate:
    • It's non-expend, so that the mechanic is repeatable and doesn't just devolve into a normal negotiation after a few turns.
    • It's autoplay, so that you can't ignore it and play normally.
    • Intimidated stacks instead of being created anew, so that they don't fill up the argument circle.
    • The bonus to hostility scales with stacks, so that you feel threatening, and because otherwise you are overwhelmed by the 10 resolve penalty.
    • Intimidated is an Inception instead of an argument, for consistency and simplicity
    • Intimidated ticks down whenever you play a non-Hostile card. This replaces the damage penalty to Diplomacy cards.
  • Added a new boss - The Drusk! This is a random alt for the Shroog fight.
  • Added three new combo cards: Reversal, Size Up and Specialty
  • Bounty Hunter now costs 1 action, and the bounty argument has reduced resolve.
  • Add back bleed damage to surrender/death preview.
  • Fixed description on scorched_earth_plus2 to include the animosity.
  • Fixed cases where hired party members would immediately leave you.
  • Move prayer_of_hesh to EVENT.BEGIN_TURN, so that all modifiers have already run their BeginTurn handler and removed any composure. Fixes composure bestowed by prayer_of_hesh being immediately removed depending on order of modifier evaluation.
  • Added animated skies to all outdoor plaxes
  • Reworked Cynotrainer. Discard is no longer random and plus2 upgrade lets you choose the card to buff. Also supports multiple buffs and multiple cards.
  • Ipso Facto no longer Expends.  Upgrade option to Flexible Facto, which is cost 1 playable.
  • Fix a couple of quest edge cases that would leave you with extra party members or leave you stuck.
  • Added a turn counter to negotiations/battles.
  • Krills lose 1 power at the end of each turn.
  • Killing Krills gives a unique consumable card (Krill Ichor).
  • Added new card overlay art for upgrades and rarities. 
  • Don't show redundant bribed/paid_off manipulate options.
  • Fade out (click to continue) if the user scrolls up so it doesn't obscure text.
  • Updated Ravenous to apply to the player and trigger whenever any enemy dies.
  • Fix crash when looking at certain tooltips.
  • Added String substituion support for AnimFighter quips. Fixes all the broken {player} usages that recently came in.
  • Give the player a token 10 shills for winning the "ask for a better deal" negotiation.
  • Fix purchase price on relic not being discounted by relationship.
  • Fix items being unresponsive after sequencer restores their charges.
  • Add intimidated modifier description to intimidate card tooltip.
  • Fix descriptions on deception upgrades.
  • Don't apply FLUSTERED to inceptions.
  • Fix clicking on edit box resetting your cursor position incorrectly.
  • Fixed dialogue for turning in quest to use DIALOG_PAID rather than a set of quips.
  • Impulse Jack no longer grabs bystander cards.
  • Spawn a new set of three jobs on your second round of picking in Sal's Day 1, so that you can see more quest variety.
  • One of the jobs in the second set on day 1 will be extra hard, and gives a graft upon completion.
  • Some negotiations are tagged as "Intimidations" now - you get to use some special intimidation cards and arguments during them.
  • Nudge the negotiation circles down a bit so that damage previews don't go off-screen in wide resolutions.
  • The meditation spot event now has a custom background.
  • Sal has special emotes that play when she switches costume.
  • You can now run away from non-main-story fights. You fail the related quest, and get a Coward card.
  • Added special negotiation for the summons deliver quest.
  • Scorched Earth creates Animosity, which makes people dislike you if you end the negotiation with it.
  • Added new Dronemaster boss preview.
  • Added new Bounty Hunter card (a special reward for doing the bounty hunter quest).
  • Beach background now has an animated sky.
  • Added upgrades for Wind Up.
  • Brain Gills ignores xp.
  • Renamed "Shroke Skin" to "Battle Scars".
  • Scorched Earth: interleave expend and damage for better presentation.  Show an expend anim for cards in the draw and discard piles.
  • Removed Alleviate (it was a boring card).
  • Reduced composure on Calm (3 -> 2)
  • Short Fuse now applies to arguments, too.
  • Moved the Negotiation Screen characters, so that the arguments aren't as close to the top of the screen, clipping the damage-indicators
  • When targetting, don't use damage previews as a mouse-over target (it's a little weird, and also can cause hover-fighting if the damage preview is on top of the target eg. the shroog).
  • When you overdraw, the cards go into your discards instead of remaining in the draw pile.
  • Fix NegotiationPanel not doing any delays.
  • Abort any card choice mechanism if the game is over first.
  • Fix for being stuck in card choice after playing planning and drawing a solid point which ends the negotiation with no other cards in hand. 
  • Fix for Solid Point targetting
  • Fix oolo oshnu firing while unshelled: if stunned, the unshell action wouldn't occur, but the behaviour would still transition to Cycle.
  • Codify the difference between Attacking and Losing Resolve (they're different!).
  • Heavy handed and variants should trigger OnBounty.
  • Fix inequality check on Enhanced Heavy Handed.
  • Overbear shouldn't trigger for inceptions.
  • Fix crash with very_convincing spawning Setup.
  • Fix potential crash with hover_fighter with no entity.
  • Fix prestige icon set when unlocked.
  • Fix for overlapping quest icons in clear-the-caves quest.
  • Add bloom to new boss presentation.
  • Various Typo fixes.
  • Fix for coactive orbslug only triggering once a turn
  • Fix for the card upgrade flow on the deck screen



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