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  1. keep up the great work!
  2. hi, ive been a huge fan of griftlands already, but i have a few things to say about the latest patches when you are past prestige 4 (where the bosses get stronger) and you get the new drusk boss fight (the 2 bosses at the dockyard i hope thats what they called) they are a bit overtuned in my opinion. i had 3 strong people helping me and a very strong combat deck built from the start and i didnt stand a chance. if you dont get a strong opening in the beginning, your deck will be completely flooded with the ''spend 1 to receive 5 damage or you get 18 damage if it gets activated cards'' and the fight is basically over already, ive had a few runs where i got like 2/3 turns in a row that my hand got filled with those debuff cards. (which is not fun at all since you basically spend all action point to take damage without being able to do anything else) also, the intimidation cards you get when you intimidate someone in a argument are totally nuts right now if you have a hostile build. (ive had multiple hard quests done in turn one because you get like 4 dominance in the start sometimes) im really enjoying the game so far anyways, keep up the good work! cheers