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New player needs some help!! PLEASE

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I;m not totally new to the game but I'm getting stuck on mid to late game ideas. I have a few questions. I have a bout 8 dupe(leveled up quite a bit) I have the base pretty stable working(running on coal gen power) but its starting to heat up a bit even with the coal gens outside the base. I have a critter farm for coal. I have working bathrooms with running water and a polluted water pit to work with. There is a cool gyser thing near my base but I;m not sure the best way to use it.

Whats the best food blueprint or layout? Berries or mealworm? Best current layout that I can build also without to much hassle.

Best current SPOM or whatever to generate cooled oxygen for my base? I get really confused and dont understand half of the ones I've seen to build myself in survival mode. I need step by step. 

I need to cool my base before it gets to hot!!

Best way to make the exosuits to wear outside the base to do things like caping that geyser or exploring more. Ive only seen a handfull of the reed plant to make textiles. Whats the best way to get the suits?

Any late game builds wthat are clear on how to would be great.


p.s I love ranching and I did see a few builds on that that were easy to understand.

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There really is no "best" SPOM. There is : SPOM that does what you need it to do, and SPOM that's autistically designed to do EVERYTHING. The former tends to be pretty simple, but lacking in features, the latter tends to be more elegant and complex but has greater capability.

They're really not all that complicated though. Separate hydrogen from oxygen. You can use mechanical filters or gravity. Send hydrogen to hydrogen generator to power itself. Send oxygen to base. Use either wheezeworts, cool slush geyser or anti-entropy thermonullifier to cool.

You found a cool steam geyser I presume? An aquatuner probably wouldn't be a very economical mid-game way to cool it. Usually making a reservoir in a cold biome and passively cooling the water is a good method to start out with.

Dupes can stand a fair bit of heat before they start complaining though...

If you're playing on the standard map, the best mid-game food by far was mushrooms, though launch may have changed that. You can also farm pacu or excess critters for fish filet / meat, which leads into surf and turf / frost burger. The high morale recipes are : Spicy tofu and Frost Burger.

An easy way to get the fiber for exosuits is by ranching standard drecko. Should be able to get a nice little stockpile in 15-20 cycles.

The end of mid-game happens when you get enough steel (About 10-15 tons) to wall off space and claim the top of the map.

Though I'm still too used to meteors being this massive threat that destroyed the map before they got toned down (I wall off the entire top of the map)...So you can probably get away with just enough steel to make some bunker doors for what you need to put under them. (Probably about 1-2 tons of steel + 5-6 tons of steel for rockets)

From there you work on setting up bunker doors, your meteor scanning network and a telecope to analyze the planets. Then it's rockets. Rockets imo mark the beginning of the end-game push.

I wouldn't mind laying out my SPOM design step-by-step, but I'd say it sits at the medium to high end of complexity so it's up to you.


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You mentioned a cool geyser. If you mean slush, you can cheaply cool your base by pumping the slush through granite pipes. If you mean a cool steam geyser, the best thing to use it for is electrolysis. Build insulated pipes to keep the hot water from radiating too much heat into your base.

At this point in the game, your simplest option for mid -term cooling is probably to plonk down an aquatuner in a pool of water outside your base and run a cooling loop between it and your base. You don’t need radiant pipes: granite pipes will radiate the cold into your base just fine. Use insulated piping outside the base to prevent yourself from wasting cooling power. That should buy you plenty of time to get a steam turbine set up.

As for SPOM’s, just remember that hydrogen rises and oxygen falls. Most SPOM’s use this mechanic to filter the gases. After that you can use any method to cool the output oxygen.

Since you mentioned enjoying ranching, you can shear Drecko’s for reed fiber. Just make sure the roof of your Drecko ranch is submerged in hydrogen.

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1 hour ago, JahwsUF said:

Regarding your SPOM request:  I've got a writeup of two different ones in one of my Steam guides here:  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1359728437

The more complex one has a fairly detailed step-by-step, so hopefully that'll be useful for you.

Nice set of beginner tutorials, way better then the ingame video tuts, even when i would do some stuff not your way, but good start.
Connect your content to the wiki for ONI?

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I would not recommend you to build the best of XXX,
instead just go around looking at forum for some design that you can understand quickly.
whatever ranching /SPOM,once you start using it ,you will slowing improving it.
trying to find the best design most of the time stop you from actually playing

my first SPOM is just a U sharpe dome capture H2,later it become some stupid long pipe mixer /rebuild etc.
my ranching sux atm lol cannot help you but Drecko is easy,even not 100% best design should give you sufficient result(unlike some flying critter pre-buff).

about...get by with Ice fan if you are really new,WW is too weak for cool now.
If you don't mine and have power to spare I can give you a simple way to cool the SPOM gas.

build a room closed and insulated with liquid reservoir on top of metal tile and some radiance pipe, all those water will go to SPOM.
now get in some thermo regulator in the same insulated room. have the SPOM oxygen to pass the thermo regulator.
that way you can have all the cool gas you want,since you dump all the O2 heat(which have lesser SHC then water) to the water who going to burn in SPOM.
only thing you need is some automation to keep the water above 70C. Otherwise it might not delete enough heat.
you can always come back and improve those design later when you get better and better
(or like me just build a new SPOM)

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For food, do whatever you feel comfortable with.  Getting a new food source is a project in and of itself and it's generally best to commit to one thing at a time.  Mealwood will always work as long as you keep it in the right temperature, but it's labor intensive and low quality.  Berries are less labor intensive and higher quality, but constantly consume water (which generally needs to be the correct temperature for them).  There are also other food sources scattered around the world you can find and use as well.  As long as you've got a supply of the inputs, you can survive on any food source.

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In regards to SPOM, don't get too hung up on the "self powered" part.

Completely self contained/powered modules are super fun to build and design, but hydrogen is also valuable for other things.

There is nothing wrong with hooking your SPOM into your power grid and just having an OM either when you build it or even converting it later. 

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Cooling loops to cold biomes are very economical. And once you set them up don't draw much power at all. Use polluted or salt water so it doesn't freeze as easily, and I try to research to the automation sensors on pipes that detect its temperature to make sure it doesn't freeze. Liquids make much better coolers than gases since they can hold way more heat/cold at a time. These kind of loops will keep you cool long into the mid game. I usually have one for my main base and a separate one to my industry area so that I make sure I don't draw heat from the machinery into my main base by accident.

To build the loops you can do some searching but the basic idea is you make a loop with a couple pipe bridges. Then you "prime" the system by pumping in some liquid, but make sure it's less than the total amount the loop can hold. This ensures it keeps flowing. Once you get it going, disconnect the supply that you used to prime it, and now you have infinitely moving liquids for free.

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Food wise? I'd say switch to mushrooms, bruh. Slimelung has become super-nerfed as of late, and it hardly spreads from what i've experienced. Set up a water lock, add some deodorizers on the slime side, and get digging. If you have safe access to a Caustic biome and you understand how to use ventilation, isolate some chlorine (around 1800g per tile in a room locked with water) and keep your slime stored in it. The pressure will keep polluted oxygen from being emitted, and the chlorine will disinfect any slimelung germs. From there, you just need to make sure to keep the mushrooms either at the bottom of your base, or in a room with a solid bottom where carbon dioxide cannot fall out of, so that they sit in a pool of pure carbon dioxide. Don't worry about heat with them too much; they can grow in temps up to 35C/95F/308K, and require no light to grow so no additional heat will fall on them. They have loads of calories raw: 2400. Cooked they gain an additional 400, able to feed almost three dupes a cycle. They're my only source of food for 200 cycles but this point, and I even have surplus kcals, and thats without even having a farmer to fertilize them. Do not fear the slime, my child; EMBRACE THE MOLD!


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