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  1. With a Gantry built at the proper location, it works as normally when a rocket is launched. No breakage, smooth launch. (When extended, the end of the gantry lines up with the nosecone's door.) With the Gantry still retracted, when that rocket lands... The rocket not visually appearing is a separate matter. The first time I noticed the bug I'm reporting, it was fully visible upon landing. To be sure my positioning wasn't the issue, I tried building the Gantry one tile to the right. Duplicants were unable to board the rocket when I did that, however. I haven't stress-tested this, but I am two-for-two with this bug. Makes 'day trips' for orbital research a pain.
  2. Certain "care packages" from the Printer Pod refuse to print on some in-game asteroids. The main "rule of thumb" I've found: if a resource or seed has not yet been uncovered or obtained on an asteroid, any attempt to "print" a corresponding care package will be redirected to a different asteroid that has obtained that resource. There is no warning that this will occur. Pre-cooked food, dupes, and critter eggs do not appear to be redirected. Here's a recent case. One of my four offerings from the Printing Pod was a single Wort Seed. Asteroid 1: has obtained Wort Seeds Note: Wort Seed - 1 unit. Asteroid 2: has not obtained Wort Seeds After taking that screenshot, I then used Asteroid 2's Porta-Pod to print the Wort Seed care package. (Apologies; I forgot to screenshot that part.) Results: Still no Wort Seeds! But, on the other asteroid... Now there are two! But I didn't ask to print it here! ----- IF this is intentional behavior, then I still consider this to be a bug - in particular, a UI bug. The UI should not allow users to think that the care package will be printed here (on Asteroid 2, which has never seen a Wort Seed). It would be kinda reasonable if this is just a UI bug, as rockets are the intended 'import' pathway, even if I'd prefer not to have the restriction. My suggestion: the care package should be greyed out on worlds that cannot print the package. Consider the use of alt-text to indicate that this asteroid/Porta-Pod is not allowed to print it, but others are able. Perhaps the alt-text could even list the worlds with permission?
  3. I'm quite surprised by this as well. It looks like it's supposed to be more advanced, so it's odd to find it less useful than the carbon-dioxide engine.
  4. Using the CTRL+1 through CTRL+0 hotkeys to set a screen-position hotkey on one asteroid and using the corresponding SHIFT+1 through SHIFT+0 hotkeys on a different one do not work as expected. Admittedly, it's not immediately clear if these hotkeys should be asteroid-specific in the future or unique across all of them, but I'm pretty sure the current behavior is unintended. Example #1: a position on the first asteroid CTRL+0 was used to save this screen position on my first asteroid, "Smellito". A map overview (thanks to ALT+S): Using SHIFT+0 on my second asteroid, "Ottista": If I press SHIFT+0 in ALT+S mode, the view will be centered far, far off-screen. The image below is what I saw on my best attempt to keep the mouse cursor at the exact center that results from ALT+S -> SHIFT+0, then zooming out until the actual map is in view. (No intentional left-right or up-down scrolling.) Example 2: a position on the second asteroid CTRL+1 was used here on my second asteroid, "Ottista". A zoomed-out map of "Ottista": The result of using SHIFT+0 on the first asteroid, "Smellito": Comparing this against Smellito's map, this is just above the edge of the... uh... "cooled magma" (?) biome on the starting asteroid, near the bottom-right corner. Using ALT+S -> SHIFT+1, centering the cursor and then zooming out (like before): One more fun thing: this time, I dropped ALT+S while zoomed out and noticed something quite interesting. This is from very shortly after a file reload, before all the notifications stabilize: There are small notification symbols visible in the blacked-out area... and they line up with those from the second base! ----- The attached save file has these hotkeys set, so feel free to verify the behavior for yourselves. Simple Outpost.sav
  5. Further notes: It does clear on a reload of the save. It most likely happened after the attached auto-save. With no further modifications or interference, let the Dupes run until idle; Nails will have a lot of stacked debuffs by that point, and fairly early into the cycle at that. Simple Outpost Cycle 22.sav
  6. I've been watching this Dupe for quite a while, and the "Minor Irritation" debuff has been sitting at 0 seconds without disappearing, even when sitting in gasses that decrease irritation for prolonged periods. At least at this point, the debuff itself doesn't seem to carry an attribute penalty... but it's still a warning on the Dupe's status, and the Dupe still stops to rub its eyes every so often, which definitely is a debuff. While the Dupe has wandered around a lot, the debuff is still there... 5 cycles later. ' In this image, all of the gas tiles are either Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide. Low pressure, to be sure... but still, both gasses are supposed to "decrease irritation."
  7. Played a little bit more - from that save point, without any additional direction (aside from having Nikola abandon his suit instantly) I saw the issue happen at least two more times within a cycle in the same screen. (It's at the very top-left of the base.) So... to reproduce it, just go to that area and watch any Dupe with a Jet Suit. I have a hotkey established that may help - SHIFT-9 jumps to a spot one screen to the right at the same height. Should make the area very easy to find; SHIFT-9, then hold left.
  8. It took me a while to pin this one down, but I've been experiencing a bug with Duplicant pathing through Mechanized Airlocks without valid permissions. I did find this old issue, but in my case the access is clearly left-to-right only, with no top-to-bottom access available. The setup pictured here is designed to permit door access for only a single designated astronaut, for when it is time to board a rocket. Other duplicants can access either side of the door; the left side should have Atmo Suit access only, with the right side only having Jet Suit access. No astronauts are allowed access to Jet Suits - I don't want my dupes absconding with them on long rocket trips. Key aspects: The Mechanized Airlock prohibits all access for all dupes but one - the designated astronaut. Despite this, I've seen dupes cross the door in both directions. Check out Nikola below - his access permissions for the airlock are disabled. Despite that, he's got a planned pathway to an errand on the other side, violating those permissions. The attached game-save was made at this exact frame, still paused. I've only caught Dupes in the act two or three times. That said, I've had it occur many more times without me witnessing it; I know when it happens when Jet Suits start showing up in nonsensical locations within my base. The base's setup is such that Jet Suits should only ever show up in the Space biome. (Note that this doesn't currently hold true within the save, as I still have to hunt down one more stray suit-wearing Dupe from a previous breach, not including Nikola here.) Arborean Annex.sav
  9. The Planter Box continues to request fertilization material after it's been delivered, at least for Mealwood: I'm not sure if this affects any other combination. Discovered within a new game under the most recent hotfix (290443), but note that I hadn't started a new game since the preview's beta finished until this one.
  10. Sandbox mode broke a little bit with the new testing branch - resources are now required for any building construction, even in "Instant build mode." Resources aren't consumed, but if they cannot be accessed, buildings cannot be built.
  11. Personal suggestion for a fix - could we have the "quality of life" expectation replace that old value, please?
  12. 1. The in-game description is actually pretty accurate these days. Based on the description, we should even be able to add power to a Heavi-Watt line safely from a hamster wheel through plain Wire, so long as the Heavi-Watt is on the 'low' side of the transformer. It's been described as a 'step up' and a 'step down' transformer in one. 2. If we ignore generators. Otherwise, the Petroleum Generator and Steam Turbine would both like to say hello. Honestly, I thought it was a minor bug that the battery was required - it didn't make sense to me that it couldn't fully supply the line before without the battery. (Aside from being a programmer and noticing the 1 kw capacity of the transformer, that is. That was a big hint.)
  13. Basically, the title. When an Outhouse has been visited 15 times, it still says "0 visits remaining" but does not go into the "Out of Order" state without directly triggering that from its properties.
  14. With the latest update, this bug still occurs, though not in as many situations. In particular, their mouths will not appear during break time conversations... until they have the "Took a Break" / "Talked with Friends" QoL buffs. (I'm not sure which of the two it is.) Once those buffs appear, their mouths come back and are restored for any further conversations during that break time.
  15. Apparently I'm treating my Mealwood really well... In particular, note the "Quality of Life: 4" as part of the plant's description. While I don't know the exact trigger, the QoL value will change to match that of the last selected Duplicant. As a result, the Mealwood plant appears to be quite the valued member of the community! It even has friends that it talks with, apparently. I guess those "Meal Lice" on the plant have their own little collective and bathrooms?
  16. Considering the amount of interactions the game provides with heat, I find it extremely odd that heat transfer is modeled very differently for mined/stored materials than it is for placed buildings and existing structures. To get to the point, examine this structure I built in sandbox mode: Insulated Abyssalite walls, Tungsten Metal Tiles, Diamond Tempshift Plates, and 2500 K Liquid Iron. For control purposes, ensure that the internal atmosphere is a vacuum. (Dupes can't exactly work/perform setup in the bottom chamber for the second experiment otherwise.) Basically, this chamber's designed to superheat anything in contact with the Tempshift Plates. Experiment 1: 'Placed' material test Simply place (using sandbox mode) a nice 1 ton block of -200 C Ice over one of the bottom Tempshift Plates. Watch as it melts and turns to Steam in a matter of seconds. Experiment 2: 'Mined' material test Place a Tungsten Smart Storage Compactor over one of the Tempshift Plates, then spawn a Duplicant within the lower chamber and place/mine 2 tons of -200 C Ice. Have the Dupe place it within the Smart Storage Compactor... and watch the non-results. (Also, consider deleting the Duplicant when he's done.) If you inspect the Compactor and its Ice (1 ton mass, since mined materials have their mass halved), you'll see that it slowly heats up by .1 C a tick on Fast Speed. Feel free to kick the Ice out of the Compactor (remove its storage permissions) - it'll still do exactly the same slow temperature crawl, despite being literally the same material. ---- Why is there such a dramatic difference in heat transfer? I've been wanting to build a Steam Turbine plant driven by meteor Regolith (which can be sufficiently hot), but the painfully slow transfer of heat prevents effective use of this strategy. It also prevents creation of an effective mined Ice 'melter' room. I used to think the problem was that I put too much Ice into a Storage Compactor, but this test proves that it's a different issue entirely.
  17. This also occurs when building a Pitcher Pump over Tempshift Plates. Curiously, we can build the Tempshift Plate behind the Pitcher Pump afterward, so it might be a separate bug.
  18. In my most recent game, sometimes more than one Duplicant will operate a Manual Generator simultaneously. It's likely worth noting that I've only ever seen this occur with the Manual Generator that's been attached to an Automation Grid. While the image I've attached has two Dupes stacked on the generator at present, I have seen up to four Dupes at once! Also, sometimes one of the Dupes will 'lock' onto the generator and glitch out, stuck in the role and frozen without any Power being produced. Fortunately, I can just use a "Move To" command to get 'em off and working again when this occurs.
  19. I've noticed a few more specifics on this that may be helpful. To keep it simple, it seems to sometimes store Clay and Coal after it outputs a batch of Ceramic, rather than deleting the original ingredients. I'm not sure what triggers this, as it seems to be inconsistent.