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Looking at my real bad third base

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My third base, 'Utopialand' only went for 18 cycles, and isn't very good at all. There isn't much here, so in honor of one person, I'll post all of the overlays.*  Tell me what you think, and make sure to like the comment below that's really funny.


*Except plumbing, there's nothing there.**

**And farming oof***

***and automation aghh













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Ah, the classic "pump oxygen even into the sealed coal generator" technique, for when you mistakenly believe coal generators consume oxygen, complete with a triple deoxidizer, triple research build with a touch of extra lights to ensure maximum redundancy. And who could forget airlocking the eating area? It needs to retain all that heat for comfort, otherwise the food will get cold! For new arrivals, there's a nice little urine puddle at the entrance to tell them exactly what they're in for. Completing the homely feel is a little fart bubble above the source of drinking water, and just a touch of pee right at the pump's intake, with mesh tiles up above in the work area to ensure that there's always more where that came from!

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I still think you need to ditch 2 out of 3 research stations.

I think your barracks is too large, hence no room bonus.  And don't use lights in it, it will keep the dupes awake when the launch release version is out (I don't think the lights affected sleep in QoL3).

You will want to to grid of all batteries except for 1 large battery which you must replace with a smart battery when you tech up.  I don't use coal until I have a smart battery because the coal gen runs non-stop without it.  That wastes coal, creates extra heat and CO2, and causes your dupes to waste time to keep it filled with coal.

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One thing I didn't see mentioned in your second-base thread, which doesn't technically apply here but is worth noting, is that you should never mix different wire types on the same circuit.

In your second base there were some segments of heaviwatt wire mixed with normal wire. The way the game simulation works is that for any segment of electrical grid, the max capacity for any individual piece of wire is equal to the weakest wire in the segment. That means if you have a big segment of heaviwatt wire, and you add even a single square of normal wire, the entire segment gets lowered to a max capacity of 1kw and the heaviwatt goes to waste.

I'm pretty sure when it comes time to assign overload damage, the heaviwatt pieces can be damaged even though they individually have a max load of 20kw, because that is overridden by the lowest capacity of wire in the segment.

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Just now, Mehbark said:

I'm looking at my old bases from many moons ago, maybe I'll try and fix them up with all of your great tipps.

You still use no deodorizers but installed a pump to vent PO ^^
I see much algae, why no oxidizer?
Food storage research - bottom CO² pocket to store food.
Move old food box away place tables there, build doors around portal and use the room overlay ;)

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If you're going to do a "pass through" Latrine, you need to have Wash Basins on both sides equal to the number of Outhouses.  The way you have it set up now, a Dupe can go use the Outhouse, then go straight to the Microbe Musher covered in Food Poisoning.

Lights in the Barracks is a big no-no.  You're just manufacturing additional Stress for no benefit.

Can't see your Dupe count with the UI turned off for the screenshots, but 3 Research Stations seems excessive.

Given how little overall excavation has occurred in the starter biome, I'm going to go out on a limb and say the Coal Generator is very premature.  As is the Gas Pump and the use of Lights.  Hamster Wheels can last you a very long time if you're smart about how much electricity you are actually using.

Is that a CO2 vent you've dug out in the top left?  Probably not the best idea.  They do tend to be on the cooler side, but it's a resource you can't really use that will ultimately require more power to make use of.  Mostly it's just going to screw with the gas pressure in your base until you can expand your Terrarium farm more and add Deodorizers to it.

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Oof, probably trying to do too much at once.

All you need for oxygen is one oxygen diffuser per 4 dupes.  Don't worry about any of the other forms of oxygen generation for now, just keep a supply of algae.

There's a lot of unnecessary redundancy in the base, far more buildings and batteries than you need.  Try to just stick to one or the minimum when starting out.  Then add on when you find you need it.

The exceptions are beds, mess tables, and toilets.  You'll need one bed and mess table per dupe, and probably one outhouse and wash basin per two dupes.  You should always have at least two outhouses, but three is safer.

Don't be afraid to explore and dig into the various areas in the starting biome.  There's lots of free muckroot all over the place just waiting for your dupes to find and eat it.  Also lots of seeds, some hatches, and other useful resources.

The first resource you'll actually start running out of is food, so you'll probably want to get a mealwood farm up sooner rather than later.  These things are really easy to grow and you can probably stay on them for as long as you need to.  Just find a nice area between 10-30 degrees C for them, safe from your heat sources.

The rest of the game is about solving the puzzles of the world.  Just decide on a new food source, a resource to exploit, or a new machine to use and figure out how to do that.  Take things one step at a time.  Avoid going too big too quickly.  Don't be afraid of failure or reloading if things didn't turn out as planned when you're starting out.  Be mindful of waste products building up with each new addition.

Lastly, remember to keep exploring the world.  The world's resources will last you for hundreds of cycles, just so long as you go out and get them.  You can safely explore to the left, right, and up by letting your oxygen fill the space up.  Just avoid letting chlorine or natural gas into your base or digging out slime and you'll be perfectly safe.

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