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  1. Ok, there is one safe with unexpected liquid pipe behavior. I will try to reproduce others when I have time. In that save, I cut input from a pipe provided water to oxygen farm. As you can see when you run save, all water going to the first plant, as from water in pipes and water in pipes which inside farm ties. In a short while all oxyferns, except the first one will stop working. The pipe now provides water only to the first plant. Expected behavior, pipe continue to provide water to all plants until run out of water. Pipes illustration.sav
  2. Pipes stop working if 2 input pipes connected to one input outlet. In save provided pipe from desalinator and side pipe from water sive were connected to one output. Water stop moving from water sieve. After the second connection was destroyed, movement restarted. The Ironic Crew.sav
  3. Well, I am pumping 39C oxygen from deoxidizer, for a time it is working. But in time I have to solve the temperature problem. Fount a pool with 4 000 kg water so do a bit more research. Otherwise, I did not found any geezers and very little saltwater on the map. Best option probably desalinate and dump heat to a cold biome. When you dig ice, 50% disappear, when you melt all 100% become useful. My next project.
  4. I started a new map, it darn does not have bloody water, only a little bit at the start. And very little algae, I have oxygen problems.
  5. If tile on which it intends to move when summoned by the rancher for grooming is destroyed ( in my case other dupe dig it out), creature freeze forever. I fixed the problem by rebuilding this tie. Creature behavior returns to normal.
  6. Can I suggest make dupe operated cooler that uses water more efficient now? Right now it is soo inefficient it can not cool tie it in. Give as some early source of cooling before fancy stuff we could use. Currently, this cooler uses an incredible amount of water and delete the extremely small amount of heat.
  7. I am just wondering, what Isolated pipes do in general? I usually build then out of the igneous rock, except when I really need isolation. They seem did not spread heat as much as standard pipes. Why this material you ask? Because it is basically useless and one usually get it in huge amount.
  8. Coal producing animal jumping on bottler and fall try into the water under it. Duplicates do not fall try. I do not believe it is intended behavior. Animals should rather not jump into the air or not fall try like duplicate.