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  1. Theoretically it is possible with naturally grow trees which basically create water for you. In addition you can outgas polluted dirt and have unlimited sand from regolith. Theoretically possible, thought I would not know why you will want to.
  2. Other case beside terran could be you just load a game and it does not know what is accessible yet. Let it run for a few second.
  3. For a Time I run 6 coal generators and used hatches to make coal for them. That resulted in a huge amount of excess food. I just wander, is there any good use for it? I can not see, but may be I just miss something.
  4. I took my 12th dupe around turn 200. When around turn 300 all my energy system shot down because I run out of coal, it was relatively easy to set up dupe base minimum power and then rebuild my power system completely. I am sure If I had more dupes, I would have much more trouble to manage a crisis. Now It is turn 400 and I am using better more efficient system, still there a lot of projects I would like to do and they needed a few more dupes. So, I am just wander, how many dupes people think is optimum?
  5. Well, it happened. I look at start I still had 66T of coal, so I went to prepare rooms for new power plant. Then I look and I have 8 dupes idle. I run out of coal and everything shot down, including sutes dock. So dupes can not go and dig a bits of coal still around. My guess I am moving on dupes power, shutting down all unessential and hope I make it. I might as well completely rebuild power rooms.
  6. No water from constant cooling loop cooling, going try some radiant pipes. Water is at 35C. Temperature actually drop and stable at about 60C. So it works, sort of. I will remove Shift plates touching floor, hopefully improve efficiency.
  7. Room is in CO2 and it is cooled by exit stream of water, seems work. This how it is looks now:
  8. I am sort of new, played in betta. So I started base in arboria and did not have any cold water. Uncover 2 95C geysers, and 95C salt water geyser. Used rust biome for some temporal cooling, got some steel. Got present a slickter egg early on. create stable for them at bottom of base. They eat all excess of CO2. Bread glossy Drecous for plastic. created cooling, In mean time power consumption grow, so my power system start to overheat everywhere. Eventually cool down some water and run cooling try power system. Now I am at cycle 400, I have a lots of resources. The only middle game resource I still limited is steel. But when I look on my base, it is a horror. Water pipes create such mesh I really do not know which pipe does what. Every solution was not complete, system become interdependent. I need to move from Coal base power I used, as I used almost all coal on map. In mean time, I have forest of like 40 wild trees planted, so I can run a lot of etanol. I have a lot of slickers that currently semi starve so I can absorb a lot of CO2. I need way more steel, so I think a good idea to use polluted dirt to farm lime. So, no problem in resources, but my power system interlinked with cooling and power used for everything. It seems if I touch it I will need to touch almost everything I build in my base. It feel fragile. A lot can go wrong. Heat, pressure, Oxygen, food, recreation... How you solve that, where you start?
  9. 9. Eventually dups did empty dock, but by some reason it took very long time and i do not see what job it is. It seems they will do it eventually randomly.
  10. If dock job consider to be sweeping, will put emptier to use sweeps only do the job?
  11. I did believe I found useful use for sweeping dock and sweepy. I notice that they Mop liquid from the floor automatically, this save a lot of time for dupes. so when I used Ice sculpture to cool down my farm ties when they overheat by any reason, sculpture will melt and water will quickly cool farm ties. Then sweepy will come and mop water and put it into it dock. Problem is, dups seems do not remove water from it, or I am missing some job/priority for them to do that. Even I put sweepy dock priority to 9 no one come. They will fill bottles and use water for cooking and for bottle enable bottle emptiers, but they will not take water from sweepy. So, either I do not understand what job empties water from dock, or it is a bug.
  12. You are right, My engineer had operate and deliver priorities, so he never come to build.