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  1. I think that if you have to say "broken" with quotes, it isn't really broken.
  2. You need to make bathrooms one way only. Unless you have made the backdoor a non-exit, your dupes can leave the bathroom from the back door without washing up; this will spread germs. Or make it so they can't use that ladder near the backdoor to go to another floor...thats prob a better idea if you plan to dump PW and a compost heap there. But getting rid of the ladder that allows a dupe to climb up to the great hall is a must. You are improving with the layout, but next base you may want to think about the pathing more. Try to consider how the dupes navigate the base and arrange it so that they don't travel more than they need or where you don't want them to.
  3. Reviewing my 5th base

    Some people seem to enjoy food poisoning and not giving the OP useful advice. And then try to change the subject. However, I do see that I need to open my eyes, the dupes are not showering.
  4. Reviewing my 5th base

    Open your eyes. All his dupes are showering so therefore he has them on the same schedule. This is a disaster waiting when you have half the toilets needed and 1/3 the sinks needed. Also, you don't seem to get the point of what I wrote. I'm not complaining of the extra uneeded showers. I'm complaining about the missing needed toilets and sinks.
  5. Reviewing my 5th base

    6 dupes, 6 showers, 3 toilets and 2 sinks. Sigh. This is bizarre. The number of toilets to sinks to showers should be the same. They should equal the number of Dupes per shift. 1. You need a sink per toilet unless you like the Dupe in the 3rd stall to not wash hands. 2. Use schedules. You only have 2 sinks for your 3 toilets, so you should be on 3 shifts with 2 Dupes per shift. Once you do this, it makes sense to have only 2 showers.
  6. what is jean eating?

    I see the stress is 47%. Was she binge eating and now back to normal?
  7. I still think you need to ditch 2 out of 3 research stations. I think your barracks is too large, hence no room bonus. And don't use lights in it, it will keep the dupes awake when the launch release version is out (I don't think the lights affected sleep in QoL3). You will want to to grid of all batteries except for 1 large battery which you must replace with a smart battery when you tech up. I don't use coal until I have a smart battery because the coal gen runs non-stop without it. That wastes coal, creates extra heat and CO2, and causes your dupes to waste time to keep it filled with coal.
  8. Its after midnight, my real PC died this afternoon (fried by lightning thru my cable modem connection), and I am using a tiny keyboard on a PC that can't game that I borrowed from a friend. I can not game, so I must scream. Where to begin? This isn't base porn; its more like a base snuff-film. shouldn't be overloading anything, you have too much load on your grid. You need to break your one "big" grid up into separate grids that won't exceed a 1K load. But first, you need to simplify your power consumers: You don't need 3 micro mushers. Only 1. And stop making mush bars. Never make mush bars unless you are starving in-between plant or critter harvests. And if that happens, plant\ranch more to NEVER eat mush bars. I haven't made a mush bar since my 1st base. Go mealwood and eat it raw early game. You don't need so many terrariums and oxygen diffusers. Go with one or the other. Maybe go with just terrariums until you get power under control, but remember that they require Dupes maintaining them and your terrarium farm at the top of the base is as far from water as possible. You don't need 3 research stations. At most 1 research station and one super computer so that at most you only have 2 dupes doing research at any given moment. I'm guessing you have some farty dupes based on the natural gas I see. Stay away from farty dupes; that is a neg trait for experienced players who want a challenge. You don't seem to be aware of the room overlay or the bonuses to morale a room gives the dupes (i think you just have the one bedroom in the bottom that may give a bonus and the bathroom). Click on the room overlay and look at the descriptions to see what you need to get the bonuses. About germs: Howto avoid germs will take too long to type on this a search on how to avoid and handle them This is mostly for Food Poisoning prevention: I consider dupes disinfecting everything as a waste of time. I set my disinfect to 1 germ (I know this triggers the dupes to disinfect with the slightest sign of germs) but I disable disinfect on most things that get germy normally (bathroom stuff, compost, deoderizers). What this does is prevents dupes disinfecting everything and just doing the animation when normal stuff gets dirty. Stuff that when it gets dirty, you know a dupe is spreading it around. That is when I pause and check my dupes for germs to see who is spreading them around. Then I direct them to wash their hands and I can continue from this interruption. On your next base, try to have the stuff you need near the stuff that needs it so your dupes run around less and get more accomplished faster. There is so much more to say, but its late, others can contribute minus the snark, and you can maybe watch some youtubers like Grind This Game to learn more.
  9. AFAIK you still need the cooler. Add a granite sculpture if you have a 2nd tier artist which should give you the 20+ decor you need.
  10. about slime/lung germs.

    Food Poisoning is the honey badger of germs.
  11. about slime/lung germs.

    I would check that bottle of PW to see if it has food poisoning.
  12. Takin it way too slow

    Having a great researcher, a really good digger\builder, and another good digeer\?\? as starting Dupes works well. Also, I like to fast train Supply first (except for researcher) which gives amazing buffs to the Dupes and I can get Suits fast. I find that picking up materials on the floor is a huge time sink. I tend to have a cluttered base until my Dupes are stronger\faster\better at cleaning. I also think its best to have a project or few projects (dig this area or build this room\system) and finish them instead of a ton of unfinished projects that Dupes waste a lot of time on traveling back and forth to the unfinished job sites stretched over multiple cycles. Smart pathing and avoiding debuffs help.
  13. Nature reserve /parks

    I place mine leading to the Great Hall so everyone uses it every cycle.
  14. The Happy Place The Dupe Dome Moonbase Alpha
  15. A +7 Researcher and 2 Diggers (with 2 additional interests). I stay away from slow, weak, farty, dumb, mouthbreathers and narcoleptics.