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  1. [Game Update] - 351082

    Either that or dark rooms have debuff.
  2. They don't have it implemented yet.
  3. dupes dont need to breathe

    This has been around for a while now. Not the best exploit ever. If you are a competent player, you won't need this or use it unless you just want to keep adding Dupes that do nothing. This is basically the exploit no one needs unless they screw up on O2 completely. Not really sure that this can be called an exploit. The Dupes accomplish nothing, so what's the point? Maybe this is the Dupe equivalent to cryo-stasis...keep them on ice until things get better.
  4. Irregular Oil?

    And I thought it meant it wasn't getting enough fiber. *5headslap*
  5. This should end well

    But what about our trapped Dupe and her 2 companion skeletons? *burp*
  6. This should end well

    I am kicking myself for not saving it or keeping the save. Unless Klei fixes it fast, I'm sure others will find similar starts.
  7. This should end well

    The 3 begin to fight to see who lives:
  8. I do, that is where a mod that allows you to deconstruct wires and ladders and whatever from ruins helps (unless Klei changed it so we can deconstruct ruins now without using a mod).
  9. You need to deconstruct the wires\doors\ect in the ruins to discover the materials, but you can't deconstruct components in ruins unless you use a mod (like the POI deconstructable mod).
  10. I believe you can't print copper ore unless it has been discovered (unless that has been changed). And it can't be discovered if it isn't there to begin with.
  11. Why are meteors hot?

    I was just trying to be funny at 4am. I guess I need more practice. And more sleep.
  12. Why are meteors hot?

    Oh! Itsa game! *5headslap*
  13. Preventing Food Poison

    When I picked up the game I was having the same issue as well, so I kept the Dupe count low, kept it at slow speed, used the germ overlay and watched my Dupes to see what was doing it. Food Poisoning occurs when a Dupe eats Food with Food Poisoning on it or when they eat while having Food Poisoning germs on themselves (dirty hands). Whenever a Dupe picks up\puts down\stores something with germs or Interacts with a building covered in germs, they then get the germs on them and spread them to buildings and ladders. Emptying germy bottles at a Pitcher Pump also will give you surface germs. Handling germy Polluted Dirt\using the Compost when it has germs\handling the germy regular Dirt from a germy Compost will give you surface germs. Every time you interact with the above you need to wash off the germs immediately or you spread them. Best solution is to not handle the above as much as possible, and when you do you need to have stations for Dupes to clean themselves. To avoid the germy Polluted Dirt\Compost\Dirt cycle, you can disinfect Polluted Water before you sieve it so the Polluted Dirt that results is already germ-free. Pathing is a big deal. Make sure Dupes don't have ways to get dirty and avoid washing. You can also use doors to limit who gets access to certain areas which can help avoid scenarios where you have more Dupes in an area than wash stations so 1 or more Dupes sneaks past them when all are in use.
  14. booyaaa.

    Performance art?