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  1. Makes me feel less bad about taking the lazy method and rush for suits and keep them in it from wakeup to bedtime. Its still lazy as hell, but its a method to avoid this (had no idea that the CO2 would teleport like that). Solves a few mysteries in my past colonies no doubt.
  2. I love the building settings mod. I use it all the time to disable autorepair and disinfect.
  3. Using a 6-core i5-9600KF with a modest overclock and 16GB. Video is a Radeon RX 580 with 8GB. ONI runs great with OC or stock speeds while playing at 4K res. The Radeon is fine but their drivers sorta suck. I prefer Nvidia but the RX 580 was priced pretty low when I got it.
  4. I can confirm seeing all 4. I have all 4 types in my current Dupes, Super Productive and Sparkle Streakers mostly (10 out of 14 current Dupes). Sticker bombs are the hardest to spot (also the type I have the least of). Sometimes the stickers seem to blend in with surrounding stuff; hard to notice unless you are zoomed in and looking real hard (if there any to spot at any given time). Balloons are a bit more noticeable since they stick out more.
  5. I do, that is where a mod that allows you to deconstruct wires and ladders and whatever from ruins helps (unless Klei changed it so we can deconstruct ruins now without using a mod).
  6. You need to deconstruct the wires\doors\ect in the ruins to discover the materials, but you can't deconstruct components in ruins unless you use a mod (like the POI deconstructable mod).
  7. I believe you can't print copper ore unless it has been discovered (unless that has been changed). And it can't be discovered if it isn't there to begin with.
  8. You have a good point, there's more to this than just turning a mod on and off and my test was superficial at best.
  9. Just deactivated all my mods (Debug not discover, larger build menu, on status), restarted, created a new game, took the save to Duplicity and was able to edit. I didn't test the other 2 I mentioned, but I def duplicated the issue once I activated the Debug mod and restarted it. One more thing to mention, I tested this after uninstall and delete of all files to make sure I didn't have any left over files from before the Steam mod support was added.
  10. Tried a test with mods and Duplicity: Without any mods I can start a new game and edit the sav file in Duplicity without any problem. With the "Debug does not discover entire map" mod, any new start I make I then try to edit in Duplicity generates the "Error while processing content: l.toUnsigned is not a function" message. This happens with both Firefox and Chrome, so I'm sure the problem lies with mod compatibility and not the browser.
  11. Not sure if it happened on this patch, but Trypophobia seems to be missing as a trait. I never take it but I just noticed it never seems to come up when starting a new game.
  12. Went to create a new game for the recent patches and noticed a new Interest for Dupes called Suit Wearing. I didn't notice that in the notes. Is that intentional?