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  1. Nice! 25% 125DTU/s seems a little weird (why not 100DTU/s to be round, or 80DTU/s to be around the same W/DTU/s?), but it's definitely what I'd consider in the range of normal for a 20W device in ONI. Um, while on the subject of food, I've been told by people that food stops changing freshness when trapped inside airlock doors, allowing for unlimited powerless food preservation (just in a way that makes dupe access...tricky at best). A quick test shows this is indeed a thing...I think you need to make food still care about its freshness while entombed; it seems to already track temperature status, so should be an easy fix. Thanks a lot, that one was a real annoyance when I was redesigning my solar setups. Whoa, guess that was an oopsie. Definitely a good update, I look forward to see future updates.
  2. I've talked about this before in other threads, but I feel it deserves its own dedicated complaint thread from me so maybe Klei will see it. The Scout Rover has several problems (descending order of seriousness): The battery can't be recharged, so it has a very limited useful time. It can't build very much, so it can't even set up a livable base for dupes ahead of time. After it's dead, it can't even be deconstructed to make a new one, so there's no way to cycle the materials for long-term colony aiding. It can't dig hard materials, which means later planetoids are off-limits to it. I would suggest each of these be fixed: Make the battery rechargible with on-board solar panels. This would make it long-term usable in a colony, but at the cost of having to have surface access. Let it build anything from the first three tiers of research. It should basically be able to build a SPOM. Let us deconstruct it. Give it the ability to dig very slowly into harder materials.
  3. It's almost fair with the power cost, but yeah, Gas Reservoirs need a serious rebalance. I would suggest even that they store 1t, but be made of refined metals (representing how it's generally harder to stop gas flow than liquid flow).
  4. A lot of the problem here is certain things like recreation buildings were haphazardly tossed into lategame techs, and so now that those techs are harder to get and there's more techs as prerequisites to them, it's starting to drag for getting access to basic things. Beach chairs and soda machines are good examples of these. Also, radiation research for solar is definitely arbitrary gatekeeping that doesn't really solve solar's issue (it's too efficient and low-maintenance for the power it gets you). Also, Employment and Basic Meal Preparation should just be removed, with their unlocks made available from the start. They don't really make much sense to have to research (especially with how you start with a rations box...).
  5. 10-20 per cycle is way too low, it would mean dupes need treatment from rocket flight, which is horrifically counter to basic gameplay of the DLC. Right now they remove 60, which is just ridiculous. Something like 35 would be more reasonable.
  6. Put simply, it's too hard to get, and once dupes have it, it's just a long period of annoyance with very little you can actually do without a ton of hassle. Here are my suggestions: Halve all the thresholds and lower how many rads using the toilet removes. Put vomiting as a one-time thing on Minor Radiation Sickness. Reduce vomiting on Major/Extreme to a third of what it is so it's less of an annoyance. Make vomiting reduce calories more so it's more impactful to a dupe's actual survival. Add large bladder rate increases on Major/Extreme to keep rad purge rate almost okay. Remove bathroom use speed penalty (seriously, what is this for? All it does is make them end up leaving the toilet to do a round of vomiting.) Give dupes some wounds on reaching Major, and more on Extreme, so they're eligible for hospitalization (confining them so they aren't vomiting in random spots in the base). Add a basic treatment with the Triage Cot to speed recovery, and something further with the Sick Bay, so we aren't reliant on rad bleedoff with Basic Rad Pills alone.
  7. Not sure what's going on in your game, but I'm seeing it work in mine, and confirmed in the energy panel.
  8. Please, please, please tell me it's 10W with no heating, and not something stupid like 30W with heating. My thermoregulator setups use ~33W average to freeze food in 3 fridges in basic little pits. We also still could really do with a freezer building and food storage buildings protecting their contents from bad gases around (basically should be normal atmosphere at worst). EDIT: Okay, 20W is probably about fair (it's likely what a thermoregulator would be pulling average to cool down a small area to 2C), but while producing the same amount of heat as when it's running in full power mode? This contributes a non-negligible amount of heat in Solo Spacefarer modules that on top of a battery quickly leads to toasty conditions. I really hope you remove the heat production when in low power mode in the next testing update. Nice, I was kind of annoyed at this being missing, as then my one colony had to rely on shipped-over iron suits. What about Iron Ore Oxygen Masks, though? I think those were also strangely missing. While on the subject, if AquaTuners could be made of refined metals instead of just metal ores, it would greatly help when all I want is a little cooling solution somewhere that really shouldn't need steel to be shipped over. Also, it's weird Cobalt doesn't convey overheat bonus when it has both a high melting point and high thermal conductivity... But...why though? Like, what's the reason for such a temporary change that makes us want to not test because the world gen is changing again anyways? Is this because the ripper would run into iron volcanoes otherwise?
  9. Been a problem a while, and it's very annoying. Workaround is to simply order a replacement of something you can build, then cancel it, so things go back to not knowing a height limit and you can build what you want.
  10. To be clear, the problem was a rocket I had initially wasn't designed the "correct" way, it started out with a carbon dioxide engine and thus didn't really have the height for gas cargo. Another similar rocket initially used multiple solar modules to help provide power to new colonies, and I don't think I ever fixed that one. It's just annoying because rockets are very demanding on their initial design being correct, else it's often easier to deconstruct and rebuild the modules, but that's annoying with how much you need to design interiors...
  11. Research in general is ONI's biggest weakpoint, and Spaced Out definitely ups the ante with a radiation research that you can't automate and a location-restricted research that's an utter nightmare to automate and strains the already-annoying life support systems in the game. I really don't like how most of the rocketry in Spaced Out is just going to orbit and back (it costs no fuel so it's great for research...or generating lots of heat for whatever you need...), and how finicky rockets are to set up properly (you need gas cargo canister from the beginning pretty much or you end up with problems that are hard to solve later on). I'd add on to this keeping the current research building, but use a tad less dupe labor, as a sort of set-and-forget backup that wouldn't strain researcher dupes' time as much.
  12. I wouldn't call them useless as it, as they could be used for somewhat fast initial Radbolt Engine fueling before exploiting launch cycling, and they'd be a good way to sustain Materials Science research off of unwanted base CO2. At any rate, they're still pretty nice overall as useful critters. I suspect the idea here was to simultaneously nerf them being an easy great rad source and make them less dangerous for when all you want is fast uranium enrichment.
  13. Rad pills for space would be a bridge too far I think, unless atmo suits blocked some radiation. Astronauts in the real world deal fine with the radiation they get. The problem is just that my dupes can literally go stand in a pile of molten sucrose that has several thousand rads a cycle from radioactive contaminants, and the time it takes for them to build a few things means they at worst get a minor penalty for a cycle. The temperature of it all is a bigger threat than the radiation through an insulating suit, in conditions that make normal sources of radiation like reactor meltdowns and Beeta Hives look pitiful. A dupe with 160 rads shouldn't just be kinda tired until peeing a few times, basically.
  14. It would help tremendously, but it would still be annoying to not be able to from day 1 pipe oxygen into a rocket's interior and pipe waste gases out. We really should not need to interact with dedicated storage to just get something in or out.