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  1. Looks like the waterweed is believing itself to be in nearby air instead of the water it's under. It might grow with a row of solid tiles right above...although then dupes won't be able to access it. I think it's clear at this point ONI has a bit of spaghetti code going on, between this and the insanity of tiles and ladders.
  2. To further this, sometimes a mod, or the way mods are loaded, is designed to disable itself as a safety measure if what it's interfacing with isn't a known compatible version. To not get mods not working on every update, you need to reach a point where what mods interface usually doesn't change on updates. That requires abstraction and things being relatively finished. ONI will get there in time.
  3. Finally, my colony won't be so noisy (critter sensors set to below). Liquid element sensor is interesting; I can't think of a use right now, since generally you want a hydro sensor, but maybe for only pumping out the one bit of polluted water in a clean water tank? The power changes sound like they'll be a godsend; I personally never ran into such problems with my setups, but I know it wasn't that hard to end up with overloaded wires despite good transformer usage. On the removal of toxic and flammable tags, I worry that this means we won't get any new problems from piles of chlorine and natural least tell me we're getting a buff to diseases sometime. Overall, very good, I just hope it didn't introduce anything that'll cause crashes for my base.
  4. Quite possible. Gas interactions are all sorts of messed up in this game, it's very easy to accidentally delete mass.
  5. Noticed this one. I wouldn't say "incredibly", but it is certainly low resolution.
  6. Oh wow...that's an interesting one. Definitely not suggesting those for heat transfer.
  7. I would certainly hope there's one today...jittery critter sensors are a big reason I'm not playing right now.
  8. Bunker doors are madness because of this. The second tile from the left is the "center" as far as the game is concerned, and since it only considers default rotation, how you can build them is really weird. Left vs. right is different, of course: Utter chaos: Makes sense if we unrotate:
  9. I don't know about the others, but the regolith bug has been around a long time.
  10. You should take a look at the errands tabs on things, and what dupes have prioritized. It should show why they aren't doing things. Dupe priorities have often had problems, and maybe you can spot exactly what's gone wrong. Do note though that it's easy to end up with problems just from not having any dupes with a particular type of task elevated in their own priorities.
  11. To my understanding, the one who puts out the patch notes is not the one who wrote every part of them, they are an aggregation of individual changes' messages, which may not contain every detail of what's changed. There definitely is a problem with information, but it would require a bit of reorganization of how they do things.
  12. Yes, I think before it was left click and drag to navigate, now it's right click just as with the main game. More consistency is generally good long-term, but there is a bit of muscle memory issue involved right after a change. Abyssalite should be 150 hardness.
  13. This is a rather interesting bug and appears to be related to what I've seen reported on the forums with offgassing solids destroying, for instance, a pocket of gas where the offgassing solid is. So I wanted to prevent my critter feeder for pokeshells from offgassing, as it really leads to annoying behavior (picking up small amounts of polluted dirt constantly), and thus built it in a little divet which I had dupes pour ethanol into. However, the offgassing continued, as it apparently comes from the top tile of the critter feeder...but each time, disturbing the ethanol. Moreover, the ethanol is reduced in mass by about 10g each time it comes back after offgassing occurs. Attached is the save from just as the ethanol is disappearing (around 250g left seems to result in it all going at once); there's some ethanol (over 2kg) a ways downwards that can be put in to see more deletion occur. The Future Trainwreck.sav Player.log
  14. Appearing twice isn't a bug, there are 2 different "pokeshell molt" items, one is an actual molt, and the other is an adult's shell left behind when they die. It is a bit odd they are considered industrial ingredients, I guess it's because they aren't compostable like eggshells are.
  15. Welp, seems the critter sensor has the jitters in below mode. It does seem to be sending the correct signal, but it's going to that signal again every tick, creating quite a bit of noise. I've put up a bug report.