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  1. That was a fast fix!
  2. Previously when you put in a number it would open the respective build menu; for example, when you typed '1' it would open the Base build menu. Now it doesn't do that.
  3. Not to sound condescending, but the logical first research for space is introductory rocketry.
  4. This is logic for translating four inputs to one output and then translating that into four identical outputs.
  5. To be perfectly honest, I don't know how to make one of those.
  6. I built them in sandbox mode paused and unpaused. If you build them at different times they will be out of sync, but you can pause the game and reset the clocks and counters after they are both built.
  7. Good question. In my limited testing, they've been fine, but I'd like the clocks to have a reset port so I can hook them up to a cycle sensor.
  8. 1.2 second refresh times! Easier setup! Significantly less erratic signal selection! 10 times faster!!! I am honestly proud. And now... 16 bits on one line. I had to bump the buffer gates up 0.2 seconds because it lags the game a bit. I don't see any need for this but here it is.
  9. If the timings were the exact same then they could, in theory, be separated. Doing this is easier said than done though.
  10. The left side takes 4 inputs and turns into one output. The right side takes 1 input and turns it into 4 outputs. Ribbon wire to demonstrate it visually. Not perfect, but it Technically Works™.
  11. I have no more excuses! It's time to build my first actually good base!