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How do you guys cool your metal down?

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@Denisetwin I haven't gone to space yet so the aquatuner coolant is polluted water for high SHC and low freezing. Capacitor liquid is brine for its low freezing, fairly high end SHC and no off gassing. Graves are 800kg of igneous rock, the highest SHC I can build them out of.


  • Turbine ON when steam above 195
  • Turbine ON when steam is above 165 AND aquatuner is ON
  • First tuner is piped coolant when coolant is above -9C AND steam room is below 265C
  • Second tuner is piped coolant when coolant is above 5C (serial)
  • Second tuner turns off briefly once a day, in case they are both running for a long time, to flush backup.




Sorry for the mess. Tuner goes to middle of the capacitor, radiators touch where they can, regulated by shutoffs. Both top right and bottom right radiators use equal length pipe for uninterrupted flow while tapping. Return flow to tuner is insulated because it starts to cool down again on the way back.




It just goes through the steam room, then through a vacuum, then to the capacitor. It doesn't need to be this long at all though.

One thing to note, I don't ship through the bottom tiles because debris will transfer heat to the ceramic insulation below it.



The rebuilt one is much cleaner:







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I've been using his design since before QoL and his latest design worked with the launch update as well, in fact it is even much simpler now with tweaks of the Steam Turbine

. It's simple and require not much of an effort to build outside of creating vacuum. You do need access to both tungsten and steel but I assume at the stage when you are taming volcano, you should at least have those materials ready by now. 

Mind you that this is best for gold, due to its thermal conductivity but in his video he was using iron volcano as well. As far as I know it works for any type of volcano really. My current gold volcano is outputting the gold at 30 degree and even less, and it's all fully automated. 

You do need to supply the system with a bit of power every now and then if the volcano output / frequency low enough. What i did was setting a filter gate between battery storing the excess energy from the steam turbine, with a shut off valve that connect to my main power supply, that way it will only drain power from the main supply when the battery was off for a certain amount of time. 

The hope is that during the down time / filter time, the steam get hot enough that it will produce enough power for the Thermo Aquatuner to cool things down. 

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I was an early adopter of a rime world which I generated before saltwater geysers were guaranteed to spawn in ocean biomes. Needless to say I have tons and tons of rust sitting there unable to do much with them. Recently I've been seeing that it's possible to melt regolith so I suppose melting rust into iron is feasible?

6 minutes ago, nakomaru said:

Automation etc..

Thank you for this.

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All I've ever done is had a long shallow pool Of water/pwater under the volcano in a insulated room via bottle emptying. (Early game) If you have enough water it won't steam up and if you have the setup done immediately after you uncover the volcano the small amount of molten metal  will usually cool to 130f before the next eruption 1-2 min later. It doesn't matter if you let it sit b/c the already cool metal lowers the temp of the new eruptionion's metal. The key is not letting the metal build up b\c it seems to exponentially extend the cool time. The room usually gets no hotter than 120f (250 in the volcanos immediate radius) if I make the room large enough. Eventually I'll put an auto sweeper in the room. I redo the room later when better tech is available.

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11 hours ago, nakomaru said:

aquatuner coolant is polluted water for high SHC and low freezing

Nakomaru, did you notice there are few changes to SHC for some elements in LU? I was expecting brine will be highest SHC among easy-to-get liquid because in my country it is usually used in thermal transfer related stuff or few usages in food processing.

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On 7/23/2019 at 11:37 PM, Otkosss said:











Two turbines seems like a lot, especially for a gold volcano. I take it you're also refining thermium or something?

EDIT: I went and built something based on this, but a bit more compact and not intertwined to a metal refinery and such, and my gold volcano definitely can't drive even a single turbine, I've barely even gotten steam after quite a few cycles! Also, ignore the doors, they are completely unnecessary.

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In the steam room - Steam 50 kg per cage, or 100 l of water. Oil under the volcano 100l (refined). Before you dig out the volcano, you need to make steam, and it is advisable to heat it to ~ 120 degrees, otherwise the oil may have time to boil into sulfur dioxide during the first eruption. Automation: When the temperature drops below 110 degrees (on the temperature sensor) - it means that the metal under the volcano has cooled down, the conveyor blocker is turned on and the metal is released from the cooling chamber, the filter works for 60 seconds in the same period, after 60 seconds the arm turns on and picks up the metal from volcano into the cooling chamber, where it turns, until the temperature in the steam room again rises and drops below 110

By energy, it works as a plus. I put a battery (see the last screen), it can drive excess energy into the general power system Save for training attached)








It is advisable to cool down the water in the lower room to the necessary one before the system starts, then from the first eruption the system will pay for itself in energy and even work as a plus


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