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  1. Rimworld?

    Best human leather tailoring simulator ever.
  2. Ahh shoot, thanks then!
  3. Hello, will the performance testing branch will be available for Linux any time soon? Thanks for your hard work.
  4. I'm afraid this happens as well in the Linux build. Upon trying to launch the game in Steam client it'll say it's running and shortly afterwards, without showing anything: not even a Klei logo, nada; close and show that it's not running.
  5. ONI University

    Yeah that's what I meant, sorry, internet lingo haha. Great job compiling this list; but also thanks to all authors who researched and posted all these threads, really, thanks a lot.
  6. ONI University

    MODS! Please make this a sticky!
  7. I like that it doesn't have any water input except for the steam
  8. Don't fix this, it's actually a feature and not a bug
  9. Awesome, now I can leave all night uploading them seeds
  10. Yeah... You're right, that'd be too cheesy. Alright then.
  11. Nice nerf but could you at least make ethanol gas be usable by Natural Gas Generators? If Petroleum Generators already use ethanol...
  12. I confirm this happens to me as well. Sorry to necropost but still something that needs to be brought up.
  13. This happens to me too when finished all discoverable objects. Very annoying. So far the only solution is to disable the building; it doesn't block you out of the starmap overlay and stops any dupes trying to use the telescope.
  14. Yellow-Alert Geyser Discovery

    Not a bug, a feature
  15. Well I went to steam library -> and verified game cache. All looks fine supposedly. Here's a player log, the map tool is disabled. Player.log