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  1. No care packages

    There's probably a ,json you need you need to edit. It's always a .json or .yaml.
  2. Ahh shoot, thanks then!
  3. Hello, will the performance testing branch will be available for Linux any time soon? Thanks for your hard work.
  4. Clever! Nice idea.
  5. I'm afraid this happens as well in the Linux build. Upon trying to launch the game in Steam client it'll say it's running and shortly afterwards, without showing anything: not even a Klei logo, nada; close and show that it's not running.
  6. ONI University

    Yeah that's what I meant, sorry, internet lingo haha. Great job compiling this list; but also thanks to all authors who researched and posted all these threads, really, thanks a lot.
  7. ONI University

    MODS! Please make this a sticky!
  8. If modders can do it, why doesn't the devs do it? This is more like a """feature""" that is intended and/or wontfix.
  9. AH damn, and I still have unknown crashes that literally freezes my PC while playing. This in Linux. Please Klei, fix.
  10. By not using them, move on.
  11. You can accomplish this to a certain degree via automation but I agree is rather annoying and would be a nice feature.
  12. Drowning this simple?

    nice, thanks