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  1. When a dupe finishes building a ladder they will get stuck on that square until the ladder is deconstructed. There are no movement restrictions and the dupe is freed upon game restart. It has happened 5-6 times already and is frequent.
  2. I like the new red/green change for sensors, but as someone suggested, maybe they could be a few shades less neon. On the build menu they stand out like a sore thumb and it drags my eyes away from the rest of the buildings (much like the new tech discovered icon)
  3. Those red lights in the gas element sensors look creepy. It's funny how I know to look for an update post b/c of one small change.
  4. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I was getting to the point here I would sigh every time I would get a new colony achievement.
  5. I love walls and ladders being able to replace each other. I think the biggest advantage is that the materials for the overwritten wall/ladder are supplied before the new wall/ladder is built. It's built right over the previous tile so it skips the whole deconstruction step and takes one less order to do the same action. SO MUCH time saved!
  6. No, but I was curious about the two NIBSETS in the trailer!
  7. Hahaha I never knew that; I had just reassigned my "f" key to the super zoom out but didn't look at the other options.
  8. Me too. I'm not some space cowboy building by the seat of my pants with my dupes running around at full speed.
  9. I love ladders replacing walls; it drove me crazy having a dupe destroy the tile; ignore the supply for the build, then have another dupe from across the map with higher priority come supply and build the tile, almost get there and... Bedtime!!! Another dupe starts heading over from the other side of the map.... Meanwhile gas is pouring into my base. This eliminates a whole step as the dupe supplies the needed material BEFORE the deconstruction. Wooo! Thx devs.
  10. When it says traits are disabled for default astroid; does that mean all astroids, or the original one we all played? Sorry about the empty post, I'm on my tablet and I can't figure out how to delete it...
  11. The only way amalganator makes sense to me is if the function of making refined metal is merging the peices of ore together...? Everything else is actively breaking things down.
  12. Yeah occasionally they'll stop watering a plant. Replanting it works, so it's probably a bug.
  13. I'm for the red/ green system. Although I don't like admitting it, the old wording kept me from playing with automation more. It's already difficult determining what peices I'll need and what should go where. It's like programing, if I can't easily assess where the problem is in my system, it's hard to know what part I messed up and needs to be changed. I admit, Once I get it right, it doesn't matter anymore. But before that, it was like when I was learning to troubleshoot plumbing/emptying pipes. I had all the information/buttons, but couldn't figure out how it worked b/c the in game logic was hard to interpret.