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  1. So, you can see my power plant on the copper volcano. It works great to get my temps down to about 300ish. But after that, I grab all the copper and store it in a container in cold water to cool. I have come to find that takes FOREVER! Mostly because it is in 25 ton hunks. I built out a conveyor system in my bristle farm and killed it all off with high heat as all the copper was still at 250. So, what do you guys do? I wanted to build a conveyor system that ran it through cooled water until the temp was right, but I do not know of a way with current automation to monitor the item in transit of a conveyor for heat.
  2. I like it. I think having the eggs drop in a one square tile with easy wrangle ability. Do you ever struggle to wrangle the dreckos?
  3. Your first point. Your second point. Your arguing against yourself. Change cumulative experience to "their reality". For the context of this argument, it is the same thing man. Lets say for fun we combine the words "realism" and "cumulative experience". The whole intent of my argument is that "realism", "common sense", "experience", "perception", is all the same point. How we see the game, its intuitiveness, the ability to understand it, is based off of "real life", our "cumulative experience", our filter of perception. All of that to say, taking a shower with water I pooped in, ran through sand to get rid of gross debris, or "pollution" for the game, but did not sanitize is gross and will obvious have negative consequences. I don't care what life you come from, what your "reality" is or how well you understand something. 2 + 2 = 4. Take any human and have them **** in a bowl, wipe their butt and put the toilet paper in the bowl. Then, run that concoction over sand and ask them to drink what comes out. Would you? Now, with that being said, I backpack bow hunt into deep wilderness sections. I live off of my back for 1-2 weeks. We obviously cant carry that much water, so I have a filter water pump that removes any germs above .2 microns. The problem is that filters like this have massive restrictions on flow. For drinking water where you can spend 20 minutes filling a camelback, they work great. To run a colony, it is unrealistic. Which brings us back to the original poster and Gurgel's, IMO, rude response. While I disagree with the OP on restricting options to use germy water as an input, I think it makes perfect sense to have a negative consequence for using germy water. I also think coming up with a way to sanitize that water without having to heat it up and then cool it back down is perfectly reasonable. Here is my solution for showers... Now, this works great for showers, but I don't want all that heat back into my sinks too, so I don't use germy water, that comes from a slush geyser. If I didn't have that, I would have to heat up, then cool the water. Anyway, I am rabbit trailing. I think having a way to get rid of germs from regular water, a chlorine machine or a different type of filter, makes perfect sense. It is not.. "Lets just make all basic mechanisms more tedious and problematic!" t It makes perfect sense, and it was a rude response to negate someones opinion in negative descriptions simply because the concept didn't seem important enough to your "reality", "Realism", "Perception", 'Cumulative Experience", or whatever word you want to use to say the same damn thing. I'm done, hope you enjoy the solution I use.
  4. To be clear, I disagree with the original poster. I do not think you should limit game play at all. I think restricting options is not a good idea. I do, however, think there should be a massive consequence if you wash your hands or take a shower with water that has been filtered from "pollution" but not sanitized. I can't imagine taking a shower with water I just took a dump in simply because I ran it through sand. That is gross and will make you very sick. Not to mention the stench. So, maybe have a new strait called "stinky" where you lower morale of those around you because you smell like **** water, I dont know. But to be clear, that is because it makes sense to do something like that. It makes sense because of the reality of life we base "making sense" off of. Or, to maintain the hyperbole of this conversation, it's "realism". For me, since we are validating with subjective motives, it ruins the game to be able to take a shower with water ran through sand but not sanitized after I took a dump in it. So, I don't. And while I understand the argument of "play how you want then", to not have a consequence of doing something so obviously riddled with consequences and not have one is, well, unreal. And since it is so far from reality, it seems out of place, wrong, broken. And that isn't "lazy" or "nonintellectual", it is simple common sense. Regardless, even if you disagree with my subjective view, it is fair, understandable, thought out, and is PURELY based on trying to make the game realistic enough to understand and play.
  5. Realism is how you understand this game though. This whole game is based off of realism. There are obvious video game short cuts, but all in all, this game is about managing a simulated colony of humans. They eat, they sleep, they get sick, they even get stressed out and cry. We have heat transfer and sun burn and food poisoning. It is through reality that we understand the function of the game. Most, if not all, suggestions on this forum for gameplay are based on how a concept or process is perceived by a player. That perception is through it being "real" enough to make sense or be understandable. To say a component of a game that is based in realism doesn't make sense because it is not real enough is a fair and understandable argument.
  6. It is NOT a dishonest argument. To say a component of the game is not intuitive and confusing because it is so far from "real" that it doesn't make sense is NOT the same as saying a game has to be real. "realism" is how we perceive the game. We take our experience in real life to find solutions in a man made reality. The challenge of this game has never been to make the game "perfect" to our real life reality. The challenge is how close can we make it so we perceive solutions and understand dynamics well enough to play the game. I think you need to try a little harder to understand a persons point of view. He/She is simply trying to say that the separation from real life is far enough apart it makes the game confusing or feels like an exploit or feels broken. I think showering to remove germs with water full of germs is in the circle. Now, if ONI and Klei want to actually explain there game, I am all for a "new" reality, one where we learn what "they" want to make. But they have never done that with this game. They have created something that relies on many "rules" of real life, except for what new rules or changes they want to make. It makes it very hard to understand certain dynamics. Klei asks you to apply certain "rules" of real life to understand, yet not apply others, but doesn't tell you which ones or make it clear. I think that in and of itself, especially for a new player, makes his/her argument even stronger. I think your reaction was a little strong and a touch degrading. Your argument is basically that his point is fair as long as his motive is more pure to how you see game development. That is arrogant.
  7. I agree. The systems in place can now be duplicated to create "new" content. Slap a new image and stats on the same code for an animal, and you have new content but not really a serious game breaking bug risk. New biomes aren't going to create new gas interactions, or change how heat transfers. They have what they need to expand now. Now, if they come out with a new mechanic, sure that would carry more risk.
  8. You guys are like drug addicts! You know you just want the preview because you can not wait to see the new upgrades! I mean honestly, how many new players do you think this game will pull? Personally, I just want them to get to work on the upgrades that will drive revenue to the company.