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polluted water vent

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30 minutes ago, metallichydra said:


wait, its boiling water? i didnt know water started to boil at 30o

well, the higher up you get, the lower the temperature for water to boil.
And the asteroid is pretty high up :mrgreen:

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1 hour ago, Neotuck said:


Did you know if you can take a bath in boiling water on the top of Mount Everest and NOT get burned?

I'm afraid not. Water boils at 71'C atop Everest; immersion in 60'C water is enough to give you a full-thickness burn in under a second. 

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1 hour ago, PhailRaptor said:

You can get water to boil in less than a minute on Everest, but to actually cook anything in it takes well over half an hour on the short end.

If you try to watch it boil the times are roughly equal.

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7 hours ago, mahesar said:

Yeah some of the descriptions are a little off. Cool slush say they spit out crushed ice but it's just chilled pwater, no melting involved.

Technically, slush is a compound of solid and liquid water (an eutectic system), thus is considered to be in both states at the same time, with the solid/liquid ratio fluctuating a bit but not going toward a unique phase. The description is actually quite accurate !

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