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  1. Dreckos can be fed on balm lilies, which require no resources, and they can be reared in such a way that the only dupe labour is grooming in the breeding pens and very occasional (they live 125 cycles) relocating from the abbatoir.
  2. Ah, that's a clever solution. Although is it reset by save/reloads at all?
  3. That's correct. Just doors displacing water. I have the doors closing right to left, separated by buffers to prevent the water splashing about too much. And the airflow tiles are in case any non-oxygen gets in; otherwise it can jam up weirdly. I had it with just doors at first, but I kept getting odd splashing or jamming up. The sweeper is there for the sweet, sweet meat
  4. For the meat? How do you automate taking only every sixth egg?
  5. Yup. The automation on the doors stops the ranchers coming in to wrangle them when both of the breeding pens are full.
  6. I like the idea of ranching pokeshells for the lime, but I'm not sure where I'd get enough polluted dirt to keep them fed.
  7. Does this mean that every critter has to be manually wrangled and delivered to the kill chamber? That's a lot of dupe time, especially if you're having to coax drecks down from the ceiling. I posted this yesterday. Designs for auto-slaughtering only adult hatches and dreckos.
  8. Partially in the interest of animal welfare, but mostly because I wanted to make my ranching as efficient as possible, I wanted kill chambers for my critters that only killed them once they reached adulthood. For the hatches I used the mechanic that babies can't climb up or down stairs. All the eggs are dropped into the nursery/abattoir waiting room and left to hatch on their own. Once they reach adulthood they can climb the stairway to heaven/drowning pit. However, if the critter sensors in the either of the main ranches signal that they are no longer at full capacity then the kill chamber door stays locked, and the top door on the left opens (the bottom door has access only set to exit the room), allowing a rancher in to collect the lucky adult who gets to survive. This way I'm not wasting any food or grooming time on babies. For the dreckos it's a similar setup: eggs come in, hatch naturally, ranchers are allowed to come collect one to refill main ranches. The difference is the mode of execution. They are kept in a thin layer of oil, about 60kg so just below the threshold to flood the shearing station and drop-off point, and with the gaps either side of their platform to keep they from climbing up the walls and away. The oil is kept at 12'C by a standard aquatuner method, which is enough to kill a drecko over about 6 or 7 days (the room is otherwise a vacuum to prevent heat leak). So a baby has time to grow up (at which point their temperature resets), so a rancher can come and shear them for that sweet, sweet reed, and I have a steady supply of adults to keep my main ranches full, and 6 or 7 days later, meat. As a bonus, any glossy eggs are taken next door into the aquatuner room to be turned into omelettes. Do any of you fine people have cool methods of doing adult-only abattoirs? I can't think of a good way of doing it for pufts.
  9. Puft feed

    I think pufts need to rise up when they eat, so the ceilings in your stables might be too low for them.
  10. I'd also like the option to easily cycle between and camera focus on dupes; maybe shift-tab? Another useful feature would be the option to change priority of whatever you're about to build; shift-mousewheel?
  11. As it stands, sickness is enough of an inconvenience that it's worth making some efforts to avoid it. I think that Klei preferred to have it too easy than too hard on release, and the hope is that tougher options will be added later.
  12. Personally, I quite like and prefer the way the chance of getting sick is handled in the new system. I just wish we still had the consequences of getting sick of the old system.
  13. Thimble reeds have been around for a loooong time, so it's safe to say the 160kg is intentional. They also only take two days to grow, so 16kg a day would be effectively free. I use them as overflows for my toilet loop, soaking up the excess polluted water that is produced and slowly giving me a reed or two as a bonus.
  14. Ranch skill leveling

    Hmmm, I guess we have to wonder if it's intentional at this point. There is a mod that claims to fix it; I'll have to give it a try.
  15. Can anyone confirm whether or not ranching skill can still only be trained by serenading eggs in incubators, or does grooming and shearing work now too?