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  1. Help in Verdante?

    A nice little early game trick for cooling oxygen is to simply use debris. I did that on Verdante once, using the rust deoxydizer. I walled it in with meshblocks on top, upon which i dumped dirt i dug up from the map. The large mass of the dirt balls is enough to siphon heat of the produced oxygen for a very long time. More than enough time to get a proper electrolyzer setup going.
  2. I like to use a cooling loop that handles my entire industrial brick at once. It's no issue to let that same loop handle the ST:s as well. With two ST:s it's possible to handle even two refineries (+ the single AT) making steel all the time for a few cycles without the system overheating, as long as you rig the sensors correctly and have some reservoirs installed for buffering.
  3. Sleet wheet farm help

    I usually just run a row of metal tiles underneath the hydroponic tiles and pipe -10C to -20C gasoline through that and call it a day. Can cool even two large sleet farms with a single Aquatuner.
  4. Agreed. It's better if the game actively tells you youre doing something wrong.
  5. Been playing since just before the Oil Update. Been great to see the game develop, and happy to see it finally released =) Very addicting to my inner engineer. Still a few things to sort out, though. There's obviously still bugs around (15 minutes of play, and i notice solid ores falling straight through closed pneumatic doors as well as triggered several still missing database entries). Also, I really can't say I'm a fan of the new research screen. The layout is fine, and the graphics feels much crisper, but the locked 2-zoom level and inability to scroll to the sides before the game rudely punches the camera back is really annoying. There was nothing wrong with the old camera controls on that screen. I have no clue why they thought that needed to be changed. Doesn't detract much from the greater experience though, which is still.. well.. great
  6. [Game Update] - 29998

    I had two egg types set in it, and now none of them was cracked. The device just filled to capacity and then the dupes let the eggs lay in the stable. Had an immediate population explosion and had to manually kill a bunch. I finally solved the issue by bypassing it alltogether. I'm storing all my excess eggs in a compactor now. They'll crack on their own in there once viability reaches zero. Not optimal, but at least it works.
  7. [Game Update] - 29998

    Oh, it's set on "forever" for me too. They just merrily ignore the first 4-5 eggs inside the machine.
  8. [Game Update] - 29998

    Didn't get that, but my egg cracker is filled with many shinebug eggs that dupes never get around to work with. They only seem to break open eggs above the 4:th or 5:th. Maybe its a weight issue, since shinebug eggs are so light?
  9. [Game Update] - 297993

    Well.... you can copy text into notepad.exe, then copy from that and into the forums. That'll remove all the formatting. Not that there's much point, mind.
  10. Yeah, i actually found out later that this is the case. The dupe is actually standing on the second tile from the left on the machine, not anywhere near the right. We can consider the bug report to be about that instead, since it's very misleading.
  11. As the title says Both pressure plates are verified that they're set to 10kg. Manually ordering a dupe to stand on the plate will trigger it, but while operating the refinery they will not. attached screenshot