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  1. It does, but only when it blooms and is ready for harvest.
  2. Also a big reason why I play mostly just indie games these last few years. There's generally a lot more love and attention given to these projects compared to AAA (with some exceptions, ofc).
  3. Well. Since it's petrol in the tank you could cool it down with the same thing. more petrol (at a lower temp). Alternatively, and this is a bit of a re-design, you could build a vacuum chamber next to it, slap a Steam Turbine setup on that and then breach the wall between to turn the heat into power.
  4. No, i mean if you chop off the corners and grab the rocks diagonally...
  5. A thought... Couldn't you grab the rock from that lead chamber through the corners using sweepers at the right angle?
  6. I use a similar, but slightly different approach. I don't have any pictures (I'm at work atm), but I'll try to explain it. - The food storage area is a chamber beneath the kitchen, flooded with CO2 to prevent spoilage. It contains 2 food storage bins and 4 fridges, as well as a sweeper with loader and a chute. - The Kitchen above is fully controlled by dupes who fetch ingredients from the chamber below via ladder. A sweeper with loader is above the grills and ranges. - Above the kitchen is the great hall, designed like shelves made of airlock doors with the tables on top. Underneath the bottommost shelf is a sweeper and loader (contained as a seperate room). Before entering the great hall, dupes pass a 1x2 hole with a chute & weight sensor, sealed with a few grams of water, filled with chlorine. - Anything dropped on the floor in the kitchen is swept and sent to the chamber. - Any cooked food registered as available for dupes to eat is sent from the storage chamber to the chlorine hole. - The shelves in the great hall opens for 0,5% once a day to drop any leftovers (dupes really have no manners) down to the sweeper beneath to take back to the chamber. - The two food storage bins are set to only accept things that the dupes do NOT eat, in order to prevent looping dupe deliveries. - The 4 fridges are setup with automation to regulate water flow to the farms in order to not over-produce sleet wheat and peppers (which are the only things they're set to contain). - The weight sensor shuts off the kitchen appliances when triggered, preventing overproduction of foods. - To minimize dupe labour, conveyors deliver everything from the farms to the CO2 chamber, but it's not strictly necessary. Now, the reason this system works is because my dupes only eat pepper bread, surfnturf and omelettes. All of which do not occur outside the kitchen/chamber/great_hall loop, and thus is never manually handled (except when eating). I'm not sure how you could make it work with something like mealwood, or anything else eaten raw.
  7. Another upside to using a tank like this is that it enables you to drain the system at any time you need to re-wire or otherwise service it, without any leakage (done by Disabling the reservoir. It'll then accept inputs but not send anything to the output).
  8. Ever since Klei made the Steam Turbine actually useful I haven't really touched wheezes, nerfed or not. The only applications I ever saw for them were industrial, because outside of that there really isn't much point in cooling anything. With turbines and ATs taking over that job & doing it so very extremely efficiently, I just never found a use for the wheezes anymore. It's not that I can't see places where they _could_ be used, because I can, it's just that the ST+AT combo is just so much better at the job where it actually counts.
  9. Dont you need a tile under the left side of the door for the dupe to stand on? I had a room like that yesterday that just wouldnt open due to the dupe not being able to do the unlocking animation without being able to stand right in front of the door.
  10. on 1440p this is also a detriment
  11. I think the solution to these discrepancies is to introduce a point cost to all traits, like how the old Master of Orion 2 where you could take a a really bad negative trait for a massive point boost, enabling you to pick better/more positive ones.. Or, if a hidden such system already exists, rebalance the costs. To get something to work with, Klei could easily get some basic data with two simple polls on this forum. One asking which people think is the best trait, one asking which trait they think is the worst. Point costs/gains can then be assigned according to the results & tweaked later.
  12. Sounds like a seedy bar near the docks.
  13. Yes. The extremly simple early-game way to cool oxygen is with debris. Yep. regular debris from the ground, if you're in the forest biome: use dirt. Drop it where you want it with compactors and path the flow of oxygen past it with tiles and it'll cool down to whatever temperature the debris is at. Due to oxygens poor heat capacity, this'll work for longer than you might think.
  14. I just noticed this as well. I'm surprised that this hasn't come up again. Both my turbines are next to eachother, one is tuned and the other isnt. Both tooltips specify the same output wattage. /apologies for necro. Couldn't find another post like this.
  15. Been playing since just before the Oil Update. Been great to see the game develop, and happy to see it finally released =) Very addicting to my inner engineer. Still a few things to sort out, though. There's obviously still bugs around (15 minutes of play, and i notice solid ores falling straight through closed pneumatic doors as well as triggered several still missing database entries). Also, I really can't say I'm a fan of the new research screen. The layout is fine, and the graphics feels much crisper, but the locked 2-zoom level and inability to scroll to the sides before the game rudely punches the camera back is really annoying. There was nothing wrong with the old camera controls on that screen. I have no clue why they thought that needed to be changed. Doesn't detract much from the greater experience though, which is still.. well.. great