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  1. Simply, metal tiles should be nerfed. They're already great because of their thermal properties & running speed bonus. Both which make perfect sense. That their decor is so high is, imho, just not justified. I've never looked on an industrial metal floor and thought "Man, that looks SO much better than carpet". Ok, maybe I have, but I'm weird.
  2. How about a heat transfer calculation scaling option? ie, the ability to set the amount of heat transfer calculations for same-to-same materials per tick in the options menu. selections could be: 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8. It wouldn't affect us much if the temperature transfer of oxy to oxy would only happen 1/4 as much, it'd just update in bigger chunks, but if we got the machine to handle it we can scale it up.
  3. I can't say I'm a fan of the idea. A portal/gate to a different part of the base that constantly requires energy to maintain I can sort of get behind, but teleporters just seem like they don't really fit, especially since tubes and conveyors are already part of the game and perform the same task. I would say, however, that I'd like for the tube stations to be able to store more charges. 3 just isn't enough for high traffic areas. I would also like to see the ability to build faster tubes to speed up duplicant transport, just like plastic material and firepoles did for ladders. Maybe upgraded tube sections using space materials would fit?
  4. vacuum bug, need help!

    I have a spot of vacuum gas stuck in space (doesn't even have "space exposure", for some reason). It persists between save/load and even when built over and deconstructed. It has no effect on my gameplay, really, but still annying to look at
  5. polluted water vent

    well, the higher up you get, the lower the temperature for water to boil. And the asteroid is pretty high up
  6. This is pretty annoying, I agree. The only way i found around it was to have a central storage area for each often consumed resource (like phosphorite, coal, dirt and sand) and then send it out via conveyors to receptacles for use by sweepers only. Tha t way, dupes would "never" do those supply jobs at all, instead only delivering the stuff to the central storage compactors.
  7. I had a map where all the geysers except one (cold steam) were crammed in the far corners of the map. All the biomes seemed to be 90% slime. So.. it's random, i think that's the best answer I can give.
  8. If you don't mind paying some energy to get it done, build a line of metal tiles (gold, for example) directly underneath the hydroponic tiles and use radiant pipes with petroleum flowing through it. Cool the petroleum with an aquatuner with a gate and thermal sensor set to cool only until -20 or so. You can recycle the heat it produces either into steam for power production and/or heat to keep the Pincha peppers warm (if needed). This is very simple to set up and can cool even badly insulated farms. You can also use polluted water as a coolant at a -10 limit, but i've found it's more error prone due to sometimes the occasional Pwater packet gets cooled below that and breaks the piping. Petroleum gives more leeway.
  9. It doesn't even have to check that much. The only conversion needed for "good enough" proof is a certain amount of methane condensing in a certain timeframe. Sure, it'd mean that it could be cheated by just liquifying a whole lot of natgas from geysers and then slowly heating bits of it over time, but if you've gone that far, you might as well have done the real thing anyway. Achievements shouldn't be taken that seriously.
  10. Short answer: Nullifiers cannot cause a state-change in any gas, and it, afaik, cannot cool anything low enough to condense oxygen anyway. Your best bet is to use super coolant in an Aquatuner to chill oxygen via radiant pipes. Failing that, you can also use Thermoregulators to cool Hydrogen and send that through radiant gas pipes through an oxygen room. Both methods will work.
  11. Honestly, I have no idea what diseases the pharma chamber even cures. The only things my dupes ever catch is slimelung and the occasional food poisoning, both of which have fairly easily available cures.
  12. Exactly. After the hatches has turned their crushed dreams into coal, only then can you refine it into the purified excrement essential for adding to the essence of steel.
  13. No! We must CRUSH their dreams like egg shells, suffocate their enthusiasm in a C02 pit and dispose the regolith of their dreams into lava. Only the TRUE faithful shall enjoy the fruits of Klei's labor. Yeeeeeees... (seriously, though, yeah that video should probably be updated or hidden)
  14. I've never had the problem of the pipes to my glass forges ever breaking, but then i realized I always placed it near the bottom of my base so it was frequently immersed in waste chlorine. That stuff has really bad thermal conductivity, so must've been the reason.