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  1. While this is quite interesting, I can't stop staring at that gold IRON painting. Wow, you must really hate those poor dupes. Great discovery nonetheless, thanks !
  2. Thanks ! Although I don't understand this change, I assume it will be welcomed ! @mathmanican Fellow scientist, as a long awaited change, your toys got nerfed erased once again, nostalgia for good ol' duplication times incoming ! If the one is someone, how can they be the one ? Unless everyone is someone, then everyone is the one. Wait, I lost myself for a minute there.
  3. Your plumbed bathroom is a great source of power-free Pwater ! Probably not enough, but that depends on the amount of dupes. And yes I'm sorry, my calculations were wrong. The standard 4 trees / 4 distilleries / 1 petrogen setup now requires 280(trees irrigation)-62.5(petrogen production) = 217.5kg of Pwater/cycle or 363g/s. It really depends on how you look at it. If you want a power plant, you have obviously much, much better solutions available. However, this is an insane dirt plant, and in late game, I will be happy to turn 363g/s of water into 1kg/s of Pdirt, whether it is for oxygen (maybe) or dirt (certainly).
  4. Then I probably missed something. As I understand it, one distillety produces 200kg of dirt per cycle, enough for 20 trees, so heavily dirt positive by a large amount (150 to 160kg per cycle). The power plant itself will consume around 30kg of Pwater per cycle or 50g/s which I don't feel is a lot. Also, I find Pwater sources to be abundant : if you get one of the water geysers (salt, polluted or normal), which is highly probable right now, you can spare 50g/s of water for that kW and 150kg/cycle of dirt, don't you think ? Look at CO2 as a ressource for a massive slickster ranch ! That way the petro/distilleries setup nets you 1kW.
  5. Well, I feel like it is more the water plant aspect that has just been nerfed, you still end up with 1kW of free power for every petro gen, unless I have missed something ?
  6. I don't believe that a sandbox/survival game should give you a way to achieve free infinite ressources loops. I'd rather have that nerf than everyone building scalable ethanol power plants in every map, forever. That would not encourage diversity in both playstyle and contraption design. For example, and oil boiler water loop requires heavy engineering, space, ressources, clever design. None of that was required to create tons of ressources in the pre-nerfed version of this loop, so I feel it is going in the right direction, with maybe some tweaking to numbers needed.
  7. A handful of worts for a handful a heat producers, still seems in balance for me. And the point about volcanea isn't relevant. Anything beyond terra is supposed to challenge you in some ways, volcanea is MEANT to tackle you with large amounts of heat. If you complain about world design or game difficulty, great, there are 8 other asteroids to choose from. You see, I could do exactly the same : "Heat isn't an issue, just roll the frozen core on every of your maps, and tadaa, cooling for anything and everything for more cycles than what your computer can handle". See how irrelevant that is ?
  8. I may have wrongly worded my opinion. New players will make mistakes, and die because of it. However, everyone has access to the same tools to manage heat (or anything else for that matter). So, if after 100 in-game hours, one keep building his power plant next to his farm and starve, he can't really blame the design, this is meant to be a simulation/survival game. What I'm pointing out, is that, in my opinion, the discussion is misoriented : I believe many players here focus their blames on utility, rather than necessity. I strongly believe that we shouldn't at first blame the utility of the tools we're given, but rather question their necessity. In that regard, wheezeworts have never been necessary to success, nor they are now. That's why they are a tool to reach a given goal, not a step necessary to further progress, since there are many others. That's why a nerf to something not essential in the first place shouldn't lead to such heated discussions. And as such, the question of them being useful or not is, at least to me, irrelevant in two ways : first, heat isn't an important issue within the time scale in which wheezeworts are. And by that, I mean that early game, heat is a minor issue, and wheezeworts, designed to be an early solution, provides a minor cooling. That seems fair to me. And second, they aren't necessary per se, but can be used in their current state, since ressources to make them useful are abundant and renewable.
  9. What exactly are you refering about ? I've never, ever, not single time, had a lost colony due to heat, especially early in the game. What on earth are you doing to prematurely die because of heat ? I can highlight this with Mullematsch's (streamer/youtuber, present here on the forum) last playthrough, videos are online, you can check them. He litterally spent 400 cycles with absolutely no cooling, an open cold steam vent not insulated, left open, 20 tiles away from his printing pod, and a large non-insulated power plant (wood burners/petro/coal) right in the middle of his base. He had no issues with heat whatsoever before cycle 400, at which point he has easy access to the most advanced cooling methods of the game. Honestly, I really don't understand why people are freaking about heat, especially since the launch beta. There are multiple posts of people dealing with open volcanoes right next to their bases, and manage it very well with proper thinking and clever solutions. And even if heat management was as tough as you seem to think, why would it lead to bad reviews on release ? Are you trying to scare anyone with such claims ? Anyway, remember that this game is supposed to be full of challenges that you have to overcome. You have to adapt to a designed world, not the opposite. And in order to adapt, the game, as it is right now, provides you with a ton of different tools. If you don't want to use them, please, be my guest, but don't blame the design.
  10. Data miner or fact hunter ? Or maybe, just maybe, it is the same thing. Did you datamine us too ?
  11. Are you calling us ? Are you ? Or maybe even ? Come on, let's be and Sorry, but I HAD to do this
  12. And I may add critters hatching at a fixed temperature (and believe me, it can delete A LOT of heat), and plant irrigation.
  13. Mine your caustic biomes. That will provide all the wheezeworts on your map for hundreds of cycles. By then, I'm pretty sure you'll find a clever solution to your heat issues.