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  1. Your plumbed bathroom is a great source of power-free Pwater ! Probably not enough, but that depends on the amount of dupes. And yes I'm sorry, my calculations were wrong. The standard 4 trees / 4 distilleries / 1 petrogen setup now requires 280(trees irrigation)-62.5(petrogen production) = 217.5kg of Pwater/cycle or 363g/s. It really depends on how you look at it. If you want a power plant, you have obviously much, much better solutions available. However, this is an insane dirt plant, and in late game, I will be happy to turn 363g/s of water into 1kg/s of Pdirt, whether it is for oxygen (maybe) or dirt (certainly).
  2. Then I probably missed something. As I understand it, one distillety produces 200kg of dirt per cycle, enough for 20 trees, so heavily dirt positive by a large amount (150 to 160kg per cycle). The power plant itself will consume around 30kg of Pwater per cycle or 50g/s which I don't feel is a lot. Also, I find Pwater sources to be abundant : if you get one of the water geysers (salt, polluted or normal), which is highly probable right now, you can spare 50g/s of water for that kW and 150kg/cycle of dirt, don't you think ? Look at CO2 as a ressource for a massive slickster ranch ! That way the petro/distilleries setup nets you 1kW.
  3. Well, I feel like it is more the water plant aspect that has just been nerfed, you still end up with 1kW of free power for every petro gen, unless I have missed something ?
  4. I don't believe that a sandbox/survival game should give you a way to achieve free infinite ressources loops. I'd rather have that nerf than everyone building scalable ethanol power plants in every map, forever. That would not encourage diversity in both playstyle and contraption design. For example, and oil boiler water loop requires heavy engineering, space, ressources, clever design. None of that was required to create tons of ressources in the pre-nerfed version of this loop, so I feel it is going in the right direction, with maybe some tweaking to numbers needed.
  5. There is synthetic gas currently coded in the launch beta, and it is accepted as fuel by the NGGs, so it might (or might not) make an apparition later in the month.
  6. Also, to get an exact calculation, you have to add the hydrogen stored in the wheezewort itself. It won't change results significantly, but might improve them a little.
  7. I'm sorry but yes it does matter. Your results are expressed in DTU/cycle/tile. If you want the total cooling, you can't check a single tile but rather the sum of them. Hence why you get such low cooling values for each of your experiments. But again, what really mattered is the ratio between them, which is correct since your rooms are the same size. Thanks for the expriment btw !
  8. Seems right. And yes, they could remove 12 kDTU/s in a 2kg hydrogen atmosphere before. Also, that proves the very minor impact of phosphorite on temperature.
  9. In the first builds of launch upgrade, domestic WWs ran at 25% just like the domestic ones. I don't know if it has been fixed or not. Also, while the ratio between your two experiments is probably valid, the numbers themselves aren't, you didn't take in account every tile in your rooms, resulting in abysmal cooling numbers (optimal cooling is 12 kDTU/s, you are at a few kDTU/cycle)
  10. OH okay, didn't know about the 10% rule. Not that freshness matters in that setup, but do you how does the stack's freshness is calculated ? Is it averaged, rounded up or down ?
  11. Thanks ! Although it is inspired from different designs I've seen here over time, just congrats everyone ! Food has an additionnal variable, freshness, for stacking rules, if I'm not mistaken. Two food piles of different freshness will not stack. Since every cooked food will spend an equal amount of time in O2, it will all have 99% freshness and stack. However, when it comes to ingredients, since they are picked at different times from different spots, they will have different freshness and not stack much, resulting in a lot of different piles. So you might be right, it could affect performance with high amounts of ingredients.
  12. I honestly don't know, I usually don't stockpile huge amounts of food so I can't really say. However, cnosidering the amount of materials piling up on the map, I'd say the performance cost of this might be negligible, but again, I didn't test it extensively.
  13. Don't confuse real life seconds and in-game seconds. Whatever speed you're at, a cycle is always 600 in-game seconds, meaning than an algae deoxydizer will output 300kg of oxygen per cycle. I do agree that a pass on time units, for some added coherence could be nice. Because converting something/s to something/cycle (or the opposite) is often annoying, having the game display both could be great, although maybe a bit too heavy in terms of UI.
  14. Good, he never said that. He was talking about the western culture nowadays, which we happen to be a part of. That doesn't mean a single individual necessarily convey those ideas. Also, since this forum is thematically centered around ONI, whose content does not drive discussions towards such topics, it wouldn't make sense to have those ideas pop out around a discussion. However, I may be wrong, considering the wide range of debates we had over the years.