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Winter - Day 11?

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I've been only playing the adventure map, and every time world one has winter start on day 11. So I think that is just how it is. Its not too bad actually. I've gone through it twice. (making boomerangs help sooo much!)

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Same thing happened to me every time in Adventure mode. So not enough time to prepare for winter. Made it to day 37 so far and summer never came back again. 12 days of summer and 25 winter. Kinda got sick of that and put it down for a while.

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Yeah, it starts earlier in adventure mode than it does in sandbox. Adventure mode is designed to be more difficult than default sandbox and the early onset of winter is probably there as added incentive to take the teleporter to a new world.

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Don't look at meYou might be a goner unless if you have stocked up food in ice boxesAnd warm clothes And enough materials and weapons to survive Deerclops and Mactusk N' Son.Maybe it's adventure mode.

You don't survive mactusk n son mactusk n son survive YOU!there pretty darn weak
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