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  1. Horray! They fixed winter! Happened on Day 20 this time. Good thing, too, as I couldn't find any beefalo 'till day 18. Much needed for winter prep. Honey and food nerfs a bit tough, but I'm determined I can make it thru winter, Deerclops willing.
  2. Same thing happened to me every time in Adventure mode. So not enough time to prepare for winter. Made it to day 37 so far and summer never came back again. 12 days of summer and 25 winter. Kinda got sick of that and put it down for a while.
  3. Winter happened on day 12 for me. Not nearly enough time to prepare for winter. On day 37 now and winter seemed to subside slightly but then come back in full force with no summer. Days still short. Food doesn't satify as much and my worlds no longer get created with berry bushes anymore. Also, my bee boxes never produced any honey in summer or winter. No time to hunt Koalefant for vest because barely keeping food and sanity levels up through winter and not enough time during day without freezing to death. I had 12 days summer and then 25 days all short days of winter.
  4. I just had to chime in to let you guys know what a cool, addictive game Don't Starve is. Raves- Love sanity update and hotfix tweaks afterwards. Gave me something else to consider and balance (and not, wheeee!). Also like that there is a way for other characters to make meat effigy. Beardlings are cool.- The new save slots rule- Coblestones, very handy- I like the way research works. Makes you have to think ahead as to what to spend resources on next and such and plan ahead. I like to put my research machines near my fire so I can make good use of the night time making stuff without too much sanity loss and spend the daytime scavenging and exploring.- Looking forward to winter & more on adventure mode- Like spider creep fix, nice. Was getting a bit bogged down with all of it spreading, and I did start using it as an almost-too-easy fuel source for my fire.- Small amount of sanity fix upon regeneration was very much needed. Thanks. My initial chain-death made me too scared to get anywhere near those creepy things for a long while. Well done on the creepiness- I liked trying out the different characters. They each had something different to add to the mix- Garland is a good alternative for players needing a sanity boost early in the game. Fighting spiders for silk would only make you crazier- Very addictive game and the style is fantastic. Very fun. Keep up the good work! ideas- Really low hunger decrease sanity perhaps, before it effects health? Bugs?- I forgot Wikerbottom not needing machines for research and built them anyway, but sometimes when hovering over item to make does not show cost like normal even when next to correct machine. I know most of them by heart by now anyway.Thanks