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I cracked 1000 stone fruits so you don't have to.

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Total results:

  • 728 Ripe Stone Fruits
  • 37 Sprouting Stone Fruit
  • 235 Rocks


It took roughly 1.5 ingame days (to mine and fully inventory all fruit. 4.5 lazy foragers were used to make picking up easier) and 7.5 luxury pickaxes. 

Each stone fruit takes < 0.5 seconds to mine. The direction that the item sprays out is based on your camera angle, at about +/- 60 degrees from your orientation.




The total cost (were I doing this legit) would be 32 sticks and and 16 gold (8 luxury pickaxes) or 62 sticks and 62 flint (normal pickaxes). I did not test if Maxwell's shadow clones can mine stone fruits.

Rounding the number of new saplings to 4% and assuming any new bushes are ready for harvest at each harvest, it would take 18 harvests to double the number of bushes you have (assuming the starting amount of bushes is 25 for this graph) and 36 harvests to quadruple your numbers. You would need almost 60 harvests to get ten times the number of bushes you started with.


The expression used in this model is y=25(1.04)^x. Where X is the number of times you harvested all the plants and Y is the number of bushes you own. The expression y=75(1.04)^x will give you the number of stone fruits you get after each harvest.

Hope this data is useful.

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