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My prediction

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Since this new content is called "Return of Them" I predict that the Big Boy Fight will be against Them or at least some of Them.

And it'll be quite a show. I predict that it'll be like Infinity War. The entire universe of Ds/t will start falling apart. I hope that there'll be a cinematic/cutscene where, as the universe is breaking, we'll be shown that it also affects Hamlet and Shipwrecked.

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Yeah, I’d love to see some king of super dramatic final battle, but if we’re leaning further into the “Cosmic Horror” theme, our survivors can never stand a chance against Them, or at least not alone. I think it would be a pretty cool to have the survivors be participants in a battle between the Celestial and the Shadows. If we’re relating this to Endgame, then I don’t want us to...

(This spoiler tag is an actual spoiler:)


be the Iron Man in the battle, I don’t want us to kill Them. They are gods to us (or at least I hope they are...)

If we need a champion, it should be Charlie. She’s fused with the shadows and seems to have been absorbing Celestial power from the ancient gateway. All the survivors have are some magic ruins items, which to Them, I imagine would come across as party favours.

tl;dr: I don’t think we can directly confront either of the major forces of The Constant alone, but I want to be there and help when it all goes down.

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6 hours ago, Mooagain said:

What about the Forge? They seem intent on killing Them, so if Pugna ever gets his mind back he could help us.

and mumsy to support us with her milk to making high end tier foods :)

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