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Suggestios/ wish list for boats!

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First of all, I'd like to say this update is wonderful Klei. Absolutely wonderful. Sailing is great.


My wish list is:

1. Bigger boats. Perhaps there could be a boat connector item that could connect 2+ boats.


2. More islands


3. Bigger boats again



Thank you very much Klei. 

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I absolutely adore the Lunar Tree, the Sapling and the Avocado Bushes. 

What I want? MORE

I hope the next Island has new trees, bushes and possible an alternate version of grass as well. BUT in a more colourful palette... What really drags me down everytime how depressing DSTs colour palette is, compared to Hamlet or SW.

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Would be cool like jungle island that if you on that island it has huge trees that block sun away from there you go in there will be that really dark to see anything so you need to equip lighters, torches or miner hats to go on that island. And maybe make that island invinsible on map so you dont know where you walking on that island and Signs will be very helpful there on your way. When you swin around the island it will only make the edge of island on map to see but when you go in it will be still all dark on map.

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