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Are there any content mods you all like?

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I've always been half and half with Don't Starve Together, sometimes I play Vanilla, other times I play Modded.

Now I know theres quite a few content mods for DST, some overpowered, some underpowered, some in between, what content mods do you like to play with?

Note for Content I mean the kind that are usually both client and server required.

If you are a vanilla player or someone who just uses clientside mods, then well... I guess this thread is useless to you then, feel free to move on! Plenty of other threads about these forums. ;)


As for me, I will name 3 notable ones I like.

Additional Equipment

I really like this mod, especially since Tosh fixed it all up, alot of the items are really cool and clever, and the artwork I feel doesn't clash much with DST at all, I feel the items look like they fit in well.

Cherry Forest

A neat little biome mod, I like how a good bit of it looks, some of it clashes a wee bit with the DS art style imo, but not that badly, at least the sprites look decent enough, and I like the turf! (I tend to play it with the character disabled, due to my disinterest in character mods)

Nightmare Chest

Sure it requires Gem Core, but this is honestly a structure I feel should be in vanilla DST, I like the idea of a chest that acts as an ender chest from minecraft in DST, it's 9 slots that the player has to themselves and griefers can't steal from! The only thing it was missing was quotes(which I remedied with my quotimizer mod), this is definately a mod I like.

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archery mod, basements, legion, epic, island adventures/tropical experience, extra equip slots, moving box, pickle it, beefalo milk, and G10MM-3R are all great mods I can't play without.

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11 hours ago, Canis said:


I pressume you think the mod defeats the purpose of the game, which I agree with, but I don't see the purpose of being hostile towards those with differing opinions.   

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