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  1. Looks cool! Maybe something green for contrast? Like some berrybushes down in the left and/or right corners of the "carpet-cross".
  2. I like the cookbook. It would be cool however to be able to put it on a stand. Next to a crockpot for an example.Would be stylish and make it easier to share with fellow players.
  3. Could still be an issue, if the mods aren't compatible with the new update. I would try disabling them all together first, and see if the problem still persists. If the mods indeed are the issue, you could try identifying which specific mod is doing the harm.
  4. I enjoy the challenge of not having the map readily available. If I want to check out the map - I possibly put myself in danger. If the functionality of mini-map was optional however - sure
  5. I think your existing base is in a good space as well . The wormholes are a big factor, I think, so I would check out where they go. Easy acces to two or three wormholes that covers a lot of ground goes a long way in my book. Other times I go for cool synergies like desert next to pig king (see picture): Tumbleweeds = Trinkets = Endless gold. Plus twigs and grass becomes abundant. Using boats as small bridges is also fun.
  6. Certainly Wortox shrugs his head back and forth with closed eyes.
  7. This is definitely a cool feature. If there's a character you don't own, the character is in darker colors and in a resting animation. Looks great.