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Welcome to Hamton! Day 3000+ update tour and OPEN INVITATION

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Hey everyone! Here's an update video for what's new in "Welcome to Hamton!" on PS4.

This is a bit of a different world, where players spawn right into the middle of a bustling little town. Players can buy gear at shops, take on quests for currency, buy/build a house, find sidequests, compete in the Arena, or just explore this crazy world. 

I've added new towns, new shops, new quests, and a new biome in the last 1000 days. If you want a more in depth look at the rest of the surface world then check out my 2000+ day base tour. 

I'm trying to play more consistently lately so keep an eye out for "Welcome to Hamton!" when browsing worlds and feel free to join up! Open to the public in Autumn, friends only in Winter & Spring, and closed for Summer. 

Thanks everyone and I hope to see you in Hamton soon!

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2 hours ago, JDiceArt777 said:

How in the world did you get the PS4 version like this?!!! 

The fact that he played 3000+ days xD i mean a DST day is 8 min, witch mean he invested around 400h in that world. Its nearly 20 irl days hahaha

Seriously though alot of time and patient must have been pull out to create this master piece :)

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